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Meet Relaxed Guy (And Gal)

The Relaxed Guy is, I think, well known to all of my readers. You meet him everywhere. At work, among friends or relatives, and among casual acquaintances.

The Relaxed Guy (who can, mind, be a Relaxed Gal, because Relaxation is not sex specific) is never fazed by anything that does not inflict pain on anyone personally.

If people want to take drugs, he will be relaxed about it. If they want to engage in sodomy, he will not have any negative reaction (which surprises me because, as I always hasten to explain, sodomy does cause pain). He will never object to anyone disfiguring his body like he is an Amazonian savage. He seems, also, never interested in reflecting about abortion; something which involves, in fact, a stunningly cruel degree of violence; but a violence he does not see, allowing him to simply ignore the victim of the murder and go on with life in his tolerant, relaxed way.

Relaxed Guy is very much in fashion nowadays. This would seem odd, then pretty much all generations before us until, shall we say, 1968, were, invariably, not relaxed at all! They were, in fact, what a guy I know would call…. how was that? …. wait, I have it…. rigid!

The question naturally arises, then, whether Relaxed Guy is right and, therefore, every generation before him was bad; or rather, every generation before him was right and he is, therefore, bad.

We, who are Christians, know the answer to this question all too well; and if we don’t know it, it means that we just aren’t Christians. What is remarkable of this age – at least where I live – is the stunning ignorance of Christianity, coupled with an appalling ignorance of History.

Relaxed Guy has no idea that there were extremely valid reasons for his ancestors’ “rigidity”. Insofar as he is interested in those who lived before him, he seems to think that there’s nothing he can learn from them.

What, they did that in those times? How backward. When is the next Apple phone out?

Relaxed Guy feels that he is quite a nice fellow. He thinks, in fact, that he is good. He lives in perfect harmony with a world where sodomy is advertised everywhere, and a silent holocaust of babies goes on every day. He is perfectly attuned to the “morality” of the XXI Century. We all know that. But wait, is this merely because of his lack of Christian (and otherwise) instruction?

I think it is because of fallen nature; something, incidentally, Relaxed Guy cannot be warned about, because he has no clue that it even exists.

Without God, self-love runs the show both individually and collectively. Relaxed Guy will instinctively understand that, if he starts criticising sodomy, his own “joint” will be at risk rather soon. He will, more likely than not, have some tattoo of sort, inflicted on himself in order to fit in the company of other Relaxed Guy (who are, then, evidently, not really so “relaxed”). He will, whatever his IQ, immediately understand that banning abortion could mean some trouble down the line for him personally. It cannot be. It would go against the very tolerant religion of himself.

There are an awful lot of Relaxed Guys (and Gals) around. Nobody cares about evangelizing them. In fact, some priests and bishops seem to think that it is they who need to learn from the world as they either blather nonsense about the “inclusion” of perverts or expose rainbow flags near sacred places.

It’s difficult to evangelize when your own Pope wants you to know how much he approves of perverts. Still, evangelize we must. With intelligence, yes; with prudence, always; but we do.

Pray the Lord that, whenever the time comes, He may help you to find the right words.

There are a lot of Relaxed Guys (and Gals) around.

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