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Francis’ Counterfeit Product Does Not Sell Well

After my last post, I received this interesting message from reader Julia Augusta:

I used to be Ms. Relaxed Gal as you described, except I wasn’t really relaxed when other people dared to contradict my then feminist-progressive-careerist ideology. I would go ballistic on them. I used to think that my homosexual friends’ life choices were just fine and that it was a sign of “progress” (that word again) that we permit same-sex marriage. If it made my friends happy, who was I to judge? (sounding like Bergoglio). I was also a supporter of abortion. In fact, I hated the Church. I was too busy climbing the career ladder, making money, having fun, buying expensive stuff, showing off. All that changed when I came back to the Catholic Church in 2017. Everyone I know is Relaxed Guy or Relaxed Gal. I’m rigid!

I read it, and then I read it again. It described something that was new, and quite interesting, to me.

Clearly, God’s grace was at work here. But the part that struck me most is the little number, 2017.

This perhaps not 180 degrees, but certainly remarkable evolution of a soul, happened… in 2017. After already four horrible years of Evil Clown. Already past Amoris Laetitia. When the pro-homo propaganda of Father Wilhelmina, or Georgina, or Martina, or whatever xer name is (yes, I mean the one that got that letter of approval from the Evil Clown) was already going on full-steam, actually aiming exactly at the “gay friend” and “gay gay” (means: sodomite) crowd.

You would think that, so late in the Catholic Deconstruction Game, any soul who felt curious about Catholicism would end up attracted to (and then bored by), the peculiar mix of easy heresy and social justice rubbish that Bergoglio propagates. Hey, it’s sugary like a donut and, just like it, gives that momentary satisfaction (if you like that stuff), that inclusive sugar high, followed by the sugar crash and the need for more rubbish. Apparently, at least in this case, it wasn’t so.

You will say that this was God’s grace. God’s grace who found, again by God’s Grace, the collaboration of the soul. God wants to draw us to Him, but not without our work. Sure.

However, on a more earthly level, I allow myself to notice another dynamic: that in the end, it appears that a lapsed Catholics tends to long after, and be attracted to, and then go back to, the original product, not Bergoglio’s cheap Ebay Chinese knockoff.

In fact, I dare to say this: that, however deeply covered in Mud by Bergoglio and his band of gay destroyers, Catholicism still has, and always will have, the irresistible beauty of Truth; a Truth that will, by God’s grace, always emerge from all that crusty mud, because its beauty is so evident, and is superiority to Circus Bergoglio, so obvious even before one’s lights have been fully switched on by God.

This is why I always keep repeating that this guy can, in the end, not do any damage. His Pontificate is there, paradoxically enough, for the growth in faith, and in patience, and in wisdom, of the Elect, and as the way chosen by the Reprobates to actually merit their own damnation; a damnation that God does not want (antecedently), but allows (subsequently), so that his Justice may shine.

Francis sells a counterfeit of the Church over which he so unworthily presides. Real Catholics notice it, and it makes him mad. He is just a purveyor of easy heresy, socialist propaganda, homosexual filth and a pathetic attempt to establish the cult of himself.

Francis’ cheap counterfeit of Catholicism does not sell well.

People want the real article.

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