Francis At The “Diabolus”

“Swallow my novelties, or else….”

I thought the words were a joke.

Then I saw them in print, in a tweet citing in quotation marks the Evil Clown himself.

This will be dealt with very fast.

If there is something that is not supposed to be “open to novelty”, it’s the Catholic faith. in fact, this is one of the few contexts in which the word novelty has negative connotations, and rightly so. It’s difficult to be more openly a Modernist than by saying that you should have “openness to novelty”.

Then let us talk about the litanies. Yes, the world uses the word litany with a pejorative connotation. However, it is quite bad that a pope should do so himself. A pope is supposed to having lived in the midst of litanies for decades, he is supposed to have recited a countless number of them, he is supposed to be very affectionate to them! But no, this guy who, really, always thinks and talks as if religion were the farthest thing from his mind, uses (not a coincidence, I think!) exactly the words that a secular mind would use, and it uses it to criticise, as always, us, the “rigid” Catholics.

Finally, the guy still owes us an explanation of the very meaning of the phrase: if the faith dies out without “novelties”, how could the Church go on for 2000 years?

Really, not one word of this makes sense. Better said, every word of this makes sense if you read it as just another anti Catholic rant of a disgraceful, faithless, lewd all man who hates all of you.

By the bye: someone should tell the guy that all these tweets actually invigorate Catholics, as they make it increasingly more clear to a growing number of them that this one here is as unworthy a pope as they come, and blows out of the water all those horrible, corrupts popes of the X and XI Century; whilst, in comparison to him, a Renaissance Pope would be as a colossal improvement.

Francis’ Angelus should be renamed “the Diabolus”.

It’s very clear that the devil is the one he is working for.

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  1. the fauxpe is currently in surgery to deal with the rigid narrow mindedness that has plagued his reign.
    He is, once again and still, in need of our prayers.

  2. Michael Dunn

    Probably the most apt and pungent of the adjectives you employ when describing this fellow is “lewd old man”, a description I would shudder to have hurled at me, yet all too true of the Amazin’ Man.

    Keep up the good work in giving sound to our voices. Yrs in Xto.

  3. Dear God, please make me as rigid as all of your rigid saints!
    This globalist pope is engaged in a war against God, along with his Great Reset mates. The persecution, against faithful, traditionalist, Catholics will continue and become worse under this modernist pope. LGBT+ rules okay in the Vatican, just ask, Fr. Jimmy Martin.

  4. Mundy,
    Discerning the enigma of Pope Francis: For 6 months Jorge was treated by a Jewish psychoanalyst whom he says helped him a lot. Is that where he conflates unconditional love with unconditional salvation? Linked on a seemingly conservative site, Free Republic:
    “Midian is the place in the human soul where there is no room for another. It is not rational, nor can it be reasoned with.” … “With unconditional love, irrational hatred is conquered and transformed.” … “When human beings will treat one another with love, and respect their differences of opinion, all other ills will surrender before us.”
    It seems the “rigid” could also be called Midianites.

  5. Jewel Atkins

    Are we sure The Former Vicar of Christ isn’t a Demonican? Or is that just redundant for Jesuit…anymore it’s hard to tell what our betters mean, since they speak Meaninglish, rather than any real language. Their idea of vernacular liturgy is 50 shades of gay. Meaninglish is an evil parody of Truth. I’m vexed as to why rigidity is considered such a bad thing. You know what’s rigid? A certain stumbling block. Know what’s flexible? Sand.

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