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Francis: The Clock Is Ticking Faster

God works in mysterious ways. One of them could be, if we are lucky, Francis’ recent operation, from which he is currently recovering.

I am not a doctor, but I am told that millions of relatives of those who had the same operation as Francis know that it is more serious than it is reported, and could leave the man impacted in his ability to do damage to the Church and his faithful…. I mean, in his continued work.

I wish the man, as everybody should know by now, a speedy, painless death unless he repents. I would be extremely fine with him, say, dying in his sleep, though I would not want to be him when he realises he is now the late pope.

However, Providence, which always has so many ways to, ahem, surprise us, might be working on Francis’ conversion to Catholicism – and, more in general, to decency – as we speak.

Francis must be, in these hours, aware of the approaching of the Grim Reaper like never before. It must be quite the experience, particularly for a guy as stubborn as him. If we are lucky, a long parade of theological, liturgical and governance atrocities are presenting themselves in front of him. God, who can do everything, can convert even this one.

I wish the man, from the bottom of my heart, conversion and the attainment of heaven one day. I hope I will be able, one day, to embrace the man in heaven, if God grants me the great grace to collaborate with Him in getting me there.

Still, Francis must know that the clock has now, so to speak, started to tick faster. He does not seem to have all the time he thought he had. He is, in a word, getting warned, because God deals patiently with us.

Whether he heeds the warning, the next months will tell. What will happen to this guy if he doesn’t is, I am afraid, too atrocious to even think about.

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