Good, Angry Hearts

It is difficult enough to see that a person with a clearly evil intent, and possibly a homosexual, is trying to damage the Church in all he can.

It is even worse to see a person who should be on our side, and – without the “possibly” – a former homosexual, attack the best that Catholicism has to offer in this fairly depressing climate, for reasons that are not easy to discern, but must have more than something to do with personal gripes, or old wounds.

Look, we all carry our wounds and we all can have, at times, personal difficulties with this or that person, with this or that organisation, that cloud our ability to interact with them in the proper way or appreciate to the full what they are doing for Catholicism.

However, I think that it is really the pits when personal insults exchanged on Twitter (a place I suggest to all my readers to avoid unless, perhaps, to follow news from organisations and people they like) are abused to colour the entire organisation with the smear of the loss of patience of one of his members.

For the record: I do tend not to insult people in a very harsh way (though, when it is deserved, I do not pull punches, either; if, say, a woman deserves to be called a very harsh expletive, we can disagree about the choice of words, but we will agree on the general message), but if Christine Niles is insulted by people who are really fed up with her and her sanctimonious wannabe crusade against the SSPX I for myself tend to side with the insulting party, not the insulted one; because for me, being the one who insulted first does not make the guy on the right side of the discussion wrong, but merely intemperate.

In the end, whoever engages in Twitter exchanges has to know that these exchanges can become extremely heated extremely fast, and they do not, as a whole, represent a person’s character as known to his friends, relatives and acquaintances. Really, Twitter gets out the worst of everybody at lightning speed.

How can it be that Niles and Voris don’t know this? How can it be that they don’t know that such exchanges – the medium being what it is and the discussion being what they are – will perforce happen?

Mind, the two of them are journalists, that is: professionals of communication. The (in most cases, I am sure) devout Catholics who engage with them generally aren’t. I understand the occasional slip from a non-professional more than the deliberated exploitation of it from the professional.

Therefore, to take some “SSPX loyalist” who loses his patience and is likely having a bad day and take it is an example of the SSPX values and aims is profoundly disingenuous and, in fact, dishonest. It is bad enough from the side of Niles, it is even worse from the side of Voris, who then uses a single episode to tarnish all the followers and supporters of the SSPX as “cult members” .

Utterly and completely unprofessional; and yes, Twitter will get the worst out of those two, too; but they are professionals, and should know better. Plus, Voris should really examine his past, and what baggage he may well still be carrying from it, before he crucifies other people’s much, much smaller, present faults.

It’s a mystery to me how Voris can think that writing that the “cult” is “a reason for Francis to blow up their idol of the Latin Mass” can win him serious Catholic souls as allies. I used to like the guy, but I now see in him a man who, probably for personal wounds of his own, has lost the plot and can’t see the forest out of the trees; the trees being, here, the SSPX supporters – even the angry or the emotional ones.

It is very easy to get emotional when people attack what you love – but the SSPX supporters still are, as every sensible person should be able to see, good people who love Christ and His Church.


Finally, a consideration about “racism”. I have been called racist names in my life. I can say, hands on heart, that whenever I knew that the offender did not intend to express any belief in my supposed racial inferiority, but was simply angry at me for his own (wrong) reasons, I never held the accusation of racism against him. I am, in fact – and by the grace of God – utterly unable to play the race card and use it against my opponent, whenever I know that the problem is simply not race.

I don’t think this is difficult to understand. But I think it requires some intellectual honesty, and the willingness to renounce to a weapon used all too often today.

Long live the SSPX, and his emotional supporters. Even their excesses and angry moments show me that they may be wrong in the moment, but are right in their hearts.

Good hearts get angry at times. May the Lord overlook their communication mistakes and reward their faithful zeal.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    I have been kicked out of Twitter twice, for “hateful” and “discriminatory” statements targeting Globohomo. Now, I am only on Gab. SSPX overall is a great organization, I’ve attended their masses only occasionally. I don’t understand Voris et al, unless their is some residual Globohomo in him.

  2. Thank you for this excellent post! I do not understand the vitriol of MV and CN at Church Militant. I believe it must be as you have stated so well, past hurts and errors. I used to watch him several years ago, but was disappointed when he turned on the very people who defended him after his past was made known. And I believe you’re right: his remark about ‘blowing up the Latin Mass’ was not a smart move. I think he has lost many followers this year.

  3. I have been disconnected from the fireworks in the Catholic blog world. It’s boring. I don’t care who is right or wrong anymore, I don’t read what they are writing, generally. Circular firing squads created for clicks or whatever are not interesting. It makes Catholics look like imbeciles, thanks guys. I have appreciated CM in times past for aggressive pursuit of evildoers and their attempts to get things out in the open and for good reporting. I do not care for their moderation of comments. To me heavy moderation and censorship is deplorable, except for language that is threatening or seriously vulgar. Short of that, censorship is ugly. They indulge in it. I don’t care for that. We see where it leads, ala Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. Tyranny is ugly on everybody, including CM. What axe they have to grind regarding the SSPX I’m sure I don’t know and don’t care, but let me just say that if our church goes after Summorum Pontificum as is threatened, the SSPX is possibly going to get pretty full of displaced Catholics, people who have had enough and need the Holy Mass as instituted by Christ and will have it one way or another, and who are completely fed up with the constant attacks against faithful Catholics by the mainstream church and especially this pope. CM is whistling into a tornado with SSPX criticism, if that happens. We may be on a precipice.

  4. Voris is Opus Dei, and that outfit supported him financially. Opus Dei hates SSPX. That is all you need to know and is probably the root of all the vitriol from Church Militant. SSPX is wonderful, and so are its priests and religious.

  5. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Great post! I used it in my post today and linked back after quoting a bit. Voris and Niles have gone off the rails. Their attack on LifeSiteNews is incomprehensible unless they are just trying to be the only kid on the block. I think they’ve gone after EWTN as well. I suspect they will gradually lose all credibility, but they seem to have a lot of supporters. I wonder who the money bags are behind their group. That might explain a lot.

  6. I would also point out that, in many instances, people claim to represent others in order to discredit them with inflammatory and scandalous posts. No one should trust the veracity of any comments online. I’m shocked by the number of people who fail to acknowledge that.

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