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In Europe, we have been living – in the last decades for sure, but the more so in the last few years – in a strangely poisoned democracy.

Starting with the Referendums about the EU in the Naughties (by which, whenever the result was not the desired one, a massive propaganda barrage preceded…. a new vote, meant to give the intended result; at least, you could say the votes were counted fairly!), there has been a constant deterioration of the quality of the message coming from the “experts” (who have become not only servants of the Governments, but at time their own masters, pushing a political agenda, like “climate change” or “Covid”) and a correspondent decrease in basic ethics standards of said governments, who have started lying and obfuscating like never before in democratic times (the illegals wave in the Mid-Tens, then the mountains of lies about Brexit all over Europe, then the throttling of democratic freedoms with the “pandemic”).

The propaganda is, by now, so deafening that less and less people believe it. They do so because they have seen wilful lies, masked as “science” or “statistics” or “expert data”, too many times. The vaccine controversy is the last example, with our “betters” now lying shamelessly every day, as every day shows more clearly that they have been lying all along. In the meantime, it appears the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and her newlywed husband will recommend that we wear those stupid pieces of cloth in front of our mouth and nose even after “freedom day” (Monday the 19th), just in case we start to taste more freedom than they have decided it’s good for us.

Still, this is not only about the “pandemic”. It’s everywhere. We are, everywhere, surrounded by propaganda and manipulation meant to not allow us to see the truth, as our Government keep treating us like children (and too many showing that they are, actually, children). Just an example among many: Migrant violence data in Germany. This is just another beautiful example of information “the children” had better not known, because it does not help the globalist agenda of those in power.

It truly is no surprise that, after years of this, the very fact of the Government telling you that the vaccine “is safe” is a very reasonable argument to believe that it isn’t. This, apart from the fact that the same Government telling you to get the vaxx then also tells you how ineffective it is (which is why you need to, obviously, follow instructions from your betters forever).

Make no mistake, this is not only an issue with the European Government: almost all Bishops, and most certainly the Pope, have been in it from the start and continue to put their desire to please the globalist elites in front of Christ and the faithful.

I’d like to have a truthful statistics of how many vaxx bishops (and vaxx popes) are homosexual or have a mistress, and how many politicians end up getting jobs with liberal multinationals.

I think this kind of data would tell us a lot about why certain things happen both in our Governments and in our Church.

11 July 2021

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