Traditionis Carnifices: Don’t Become A Protestant

He just released a motu proprio

In days like this one, even I can understand (emotionally, I mean) the reaction of the people stating that, at this level of evil, this guy cannot be pope.

However, this is exactly that: an emotional reaction. It is like a boy of 6 saying to his father “you are not my father” after the latter deprived him of the bicycle pending better school notes. The fact is: the guy is the father, and Francis is the pope.

Why is the guy the father? Because the law says he is.

Why is Francis pope? Because the entire planet says he is, and there is not even one cardinal, and not even the guy who supposedly should be the real pope, who says that Francis is not pope.

This is the reality under the sun. It sucks. It sucks in what can now be safely described an unprecedented way. But it is what it is. We can’t deny reality because we don’t like it, like boys of six deprived of the bicycle.

Besides, I don’t see much consolation even in the abstruse theory that Francis would not be the pope, but the pope would be a very old guy who approves of everything Francis does.

In difficult times it is, I think, important to keep our feet planted on the ground. Better still, it is important to stay planted in reality, but take refuge in Christ in the middle of the storm.

I am not one of those (mostly converts) strange Catholics who make all Catholicism hinge on the character of a Pope, with the consequence that a bad pope cannot be such, or they would stop believing in the Church. I grew up in Italy, where the fact that there have been very evil popes is known to every well-educated person. That this one here is more evil is a difference in the degree, not in the substance, of the fact.

If you look at the papacy in the decades before and after the Synodus Horrenda, what you see is chaos and corruption. There must have been an awful lot going on. Even if the records are scarce, it appears that the Popes were, largely, the instruments or even the leaders of warring bands and family clans that were little better than criminal organisations. This went on, in various degrees, for centuries. We as Church Militant have been in the manure before; this time it merely stinks more.

So, is Francis evil? The answer to this is, I think, obvious to every properly informed Catholic who wants to look at reality for what it is. Yes, the guy is extremely evil. He is, clearly, a tool of Satan.

But… does this evil… unpope him? No, it doesn’t. Francis may, with his actions, certainly make himself worthy of being deposed. You can question the ways of his election until the cows come home. But it is not you or I who decide whether he is, because of this, pope or not.

Let us go back to Pope Formosus. Formosus has been, after decades of controversies, definitely been condemned by Sergius III, who issued the definitive condemnation of Formosus and the definitive rehabilitation of Stephanus VI, the pope who carried out the synod. Therefore, we have the official stance of the Church: Stephanus VI good, Formosus bad.

Formosus papacy was, by Stephanus, retroactively declared null. Why was this? Because we are not a protestant sect and, until a synod or other official organ declares the pontificate null, the pontificate remains valid.

It’s not for you and me to decide that this horrible man is not pope anymore. What we can hope and pray for, is that such a decision is made by those who have to power to make such a decision. I for myself would welcome a trial of Francis’ after his death. As far as I am concerned, feel free to exhume his corpse and put in on a wheelchair, and I would not mind a bit how gory the details become (In fact, I always thought that Stephanus was what we today call a master communicator; so much so, that his synod survive in the memory today, after so much of that age is covered in darkness. Before newspaper and radio, tv and internet, twitter and facebook, Stephanus knew how to make news travel fast, and hit hard. Quite remarkable, that people don’t get the brilliancy of his policy, and focus merely on the macabre details).

Still, as I write this, the situation is the following one: the evil clown is pope and the church sees him as such. Until that changes, this is the pope we get, exactly as the contemporaries of Formosus got him as pope between 891 and 896, withotu even dreaming of saying: “No” I, the village baker, officially declare that Formosus is not the pope”. I actually think that, no matter how bad the situation is, it is the height of arrogance, and it endangers one’s salvation, to make of oneself a micro pope-maker and decide who is, and is not, the pope.

I would be overjoyed to see Francis toppled in life, for example via an extraordinary council, or excommunicated and declared a heretic after his death.

I would certainly be satisfied with a sensible, but representative minority of Cardinals declaring him a heretic, deposed, and in schism.

I would even, in my obedience to proper Catholic doctrine, believe Francis not the pope if the organisation I trust most in matter of theological decision, the Society of Saint Pius X, were to issue such a formal declaration.

But neither I, nor you, nor bloggers, nor journalists can decide who is, and is not, pope.

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  1. Frankie-the-snake IS the Pope but his behavior is not Papal.
    His behavior is ignorant where the Pope should behave intelligently, it is pagan where it should be monotheistic, it is evil, schismatic, scandalous and divisive where it should be exemplary, unifying and inclusive under Christ.
    So he is the pope, but a pretty terrible example of what a Pope should be.
    One pretty pitiful shepherd… us sheep better take care of ourselves.

  2. We don’t know if every Cardinal supports Francis as Pope…nor every bishop. This has happened before, where everyone seemed to support an Anti-Pope as Pope but he was still and anti-Pope [edit: bennyvacantist link].

    Fr. Gruner saw Francis as an anti-Pope…there were supposedly many in Rome (theologians I believe) who immediately questioned the bizarre resignation of PBXVI but were silenced. In the end it comes to objective truth/reality, canon law etc leading the way not what the majority of fallen (and extremely corrupt) Cardinals in the media say.

    Today there are more and more questioning the strange “bifurcation” of the papacy by BXVI including Dr. Edward Mazza and Dr. Taylor Marshall. It’s no surprise that the kittens in the highest places of power who might know the truth keep silence…kittens tend to do that:+)

    God bless~

    • Maggycast, the reality is that no cardinal (and perhaps one or two retired bishops over 8000) is standing up and saying that Francis isn’t pope and Benedict is. This is the reality on the ground, not fantasies based on individual dislikes of the pope. If these cardinal, after Francis dies, all stand up and say that Francis was a heretic and his papacy needs to be annulled, we will discuss it then.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful coverage of this scandalous topic. I am happy you remained (fairly) calm. Of course, nothing we can do will change him, so a nervous breakdown won’t get most of us anywhere. As you mentioned in one of today’s posts, it will be interesting to see what happens to those cities with diocesan TLMs. I left the city of Portland OR last year. The SSPX Portland chapel just relocated across the Columbia river into Washington state (likely because Portland has become nearly un-livable). There are about four diocesan churches in the Portland area that offer TLMs, and I wonder what will become of them. There is no actual FSSP chapel. Portland’s Archbishop Sample is very trad-friendly so I don’t know how he will implement the shutdown of those diocesan Masses. And I pray for my friends and loved ones in Portland who will be affected by this arrogant demand.
    I will pray and fast for Francis’ conversion and death and a kinder, actual Catholic, replacement.

    • Thanks Mary! How big is the “Portland area”? Is it safe to assume the SSPX chapel can be reached in one hour or less by car from any point of it? If this is so, I think the SSPX can start increasing the number of masses…

  4. “Why is Francis pope? Because the entire planet says he is…”

    “But neither I, nor you, nor bloggers, nor journalists can decide who is… pope.”

    For the record, I believe Francis is pope, but those two statements are directly contradictory to each other.

    The first one indicates that Francis is pope because the entire planet says he is, but then the last one states no one can decide who is pope.

    If the last sentence is true and no one can decide who is pope, that means the entire planet cannot say Francis is pope, nor can it say that he is not the pope.

    At best, all that could be stated is that it is possible that Francis is pope but that it is equally possible he is not, but no one knows for sure because no one “can decide who is pope.”

    • If this is your logic, I wonder how you can function in real life.
      The phrase I use means that Francis is not questioned in his legitimacy as pope. Not by bishops or cardinals, not by priests, not by anyone of any relevance in the matter. But if you really want to hear it: the Church says that Francis is pope, as you can see from the fact hat she treats him as the pope and calls him such.
      To say, as you do, that no one knows means that you decide, and that you decide that no one knows.

  5. About your questions, above: The SSPX chapel had outgrown the Portland building and had been looking for a bigger place for several years. So the move to Vancouver, WA, was not unexpected. A good half of the parishioners are from that area. And it is perhaps 30 minutes away from the old chapel, and many Portland people will just cross the bridge for Masses. I can’t guess what Archbishop Sample will do with his several diocesan TLMs, but I can’t imagine him closing them down abruptly. I remember to pray for him, because he and Archbishop Cordileone (San Francisco) were thrown to the lions in the dioceses they were assigned.

    • Wherever one turns, the SSPX are looking for bigger churches!!
      As you say, this being the situation I can’t imagine the diocesan TLM wil be culled. Again, those TLM were there because of the presence of the SSPX!!

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