Traditionis Carnifices: The Lowdown on A Low-Down Motu Proprio

This one here against Francis. Who will win, you think?

I am trying to gauge the consequences for the people having access to the TLM after the evil clown’s latest motu proprio.

I very much fear that the TLM that do not have a serious competition in (somewhat) nearby SSPX chapels will be closed down. Why? Because most bishops will simply not resist the pressure, will cave i to the Vatican and will close them down, quoting the need to be obedient to the evil pope.

How many are those? I don’t know. I have never seen a map with a comparison of locations of SSPX chapels and other TLM churches. It’s difficult to say how many faithful are left without a SSPX chapel at reasonable distance if (actually, when) those are closed.

However, I think this: that it is not naive at all to suppose that an awful lot of locations for traditionalist orders, (the likes of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter or other vetus ordo, but V II organisations) have been chosen exactly with regard to existing locations of SSPX chapels. Honestly, I doubt that much will happen with regard to these locations, even if these organisations aren’t anymore under Ecclesia Dei and can be targeted easily in future. It would be simply suicidal to shut them down and deliver the vast majority of their faithful to the SSPX.

The biggest issue, at least for now, appears the future (actually, the lack of future) of the diocesan TLMs. How many of those there are? I have no idea. Seen that they have been ostracised from the start, and that they seem to be very rare in my neck of the woods, I do not think that there are very many. However, it can be that in certain Countries there are more than in others, and certainly there will be losses in that respect.

The most interesting development until Francis dies (which I hope happens today, but I am not holding my breath) is, in my eyes, the future of the V II Traditionalist orders now orphans of Ecclesia Dei; particularly so, as Francis seems not to have any idea why they should exist in the first place or any justification for their existence. But again, these organisations exist to, more or less, ostracise the SSPX. If they die, the SSPX will thrive even more. If they live, not much will change for them. If I remember correctly, some traditionalist orders already celebrate both masses anyway, at least in some locations. I might be wrong, though.

Be angry at the evil clown, but in good cheer overall. In Italy we say that “the devil makes the pots, but not the lids”. This is a huge pot; but, like all pots that Francis makes, it has no lid.

In god’s appointed time, things will be adjusted.

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  1. Here, in North Carolina, we have at least two SSPX Chapels.We attend the one in the Western part of the state and it is only fifty minutes away. There are members who travel two hours, each way.
    When we attended a V2 latin mass in Boone, about an hour away give or take, there were regular attendees who travelled as far and farther than we did.
    When I say frankie-the-snake’s “mouth-inappropio” I laughed and said the SSPX will have to rent the local pro-football stadium (a team that is not worth having its name mentioned).

    While clearly an improper declaration issued from one practicing a malfeasance of office (we have a lot of lay-politicians doing that in America) it will only have awn effect if we, the laity and the Priesthood allow it to.
    There is a shortage of Priests in the USA (at least- I know not other countries) so there is no ‘reserve’ a cowardly Bishop can readily replace a TLM Priest from.

  2. Daniel Koenemann

    I made this map (, associated with this article ( The map is not complete. I have not added the diocesan Masses for the USA (there are some 600 of them) or France. But much of the rest is in pretty good shape. It should give you an idea of what is going on.

    • Many thanks, Mr Koenemann! I am sure my readers will appreciate!! Please keep working on it if you find the time. It will be a very useful instrument in the next months to see what is happening.

  3. A friend brought up the thought that one of the reasons the Vatican kept dragging its feet about making the SSPX good with Rome was that evil planners in the Vatican knew they would be trying split people up in the future, and the future has arrived. I do not know of any diocesan TLM where I live, although we do have a SSPX. SO many faithful will be torn, having been told that attending SSPX does not count and we need to stand solid with our diocese – showing Francis that we won’t abandon our Church. Yet, the liberal, protestantized NO masses are required. Masses where short wearing women outnumber dresses and skirts, and head coverings are essentially nonexistent.

    • I’d also say it was not possible to make peace with the SSPX and ask them to renounce to the ability to keep their independence, assets and governance structure. Therefore, those who wanted to destroy them and the Mass saw no viable road there.

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