Traditionis Carnifices

The motu proprio is out and, to add insult to injury, it’s called Traditionis Custodes. Make no mistakes, this is another way how Francis is mocking you. The title, however, means “Butchers of Tradition”, and I find it far more appropriate.

The attack on the TLM is massive.

No new masses to be added. No new personal parishes.

All existing masses to be re-examined, means most discontinued.

The Novus Ordo as the unique form of the Liturgy. This openly contradicts Benedict XVI’s obvious statement concerning the Mass. and, also obviously, the original statement of St Pius V. It is, if you ask me, the most diabolical part of the document.

One priest, versed in Latin, in every Diocese where the Latin Mass is celebrated. He will have as task to tell the faithful who insist in attending how bad they are, and how much they displease Francis, the Butcher of Tradition.

This is seriously, seriously evil.

If you were one of those who have still insisted in not seeing the evil of this man, and this does not open your big, blue eyes, I am frankly worried for you.

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  1. Frankie the Snake has simply overstepped his authority and to any and every Catholic, whether they attend or want to attend TLM, it is promafacie null & void. It is what you might expect from an elderly idiot haaving emerged breathing from a quite serious operation, despite the faact thaat this was perpared well in advance and purposely released (or, perhaps, it escaped) on June 16, (dis)honoring Our Lady of Mt. Carmel- a true slap in the Cathoilc face.
    This sorry proclamation should simply be ignored by those who see its true lack of value and break from reality, despite it being upheld and welcomed by the sniveling anti-Catholics who make up Frankie’s coven of fraudulent acristocrats.
    Since the fraud-on-the-throne hasn’t the authority it is merely schismatic and hateful words penned by an evil shepherd.
    Disregard and move along, there is nothing to read/to follow there.

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