Our Lady Of Quito/Our Lady Of Good Success.

Around nine years ago (Benedict was still the pope) I wrote a blog post about Our Lady of Quito, also called Our Lady Of Good Success.

The blog post is here.

There is no denying that, since then, the situation has deteriorated considerably, and we have further proof that the historic cycle described in the apparition is in full swing now.

I have no idea for how long this will go on, or at which point one can say that “everything seems lost”. Still, I think that us trying to gauge when the crisis will come to an end is a fruitless exercise. We will know that the mess is at an end when it ends, or at least it begins to end.

I recommend to my readers that they do not lull themselves in illusions that 1) the solution is near, or 2) Armageddon is near. Both stances expose one (particularly one so easily impressionable) when neither comes.

This mess will go on for as long as God wants allows it to go on, and it will end when God makes it end. We can only reflect on the apparition, do our part, await the solution of this chaos (and be prepared to die waiting) and do our job of being Catholics in an increasingly more hostile world.

Patience is a virtue, those who long for justice will be rewarded, and we were never told than our sojourn on this planet would be other than a vale of tears.

Enjoy the reading of the blog post at the link, and do not allow Francis to depress you.

We have already won.

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  1. Agree 100% Our job is to persevere and be patience with the secure knowledge that God knows what he’s doing and that we have a better life ahead if we have faith in Christ and obey His commandments.

  2. Mundy,
    You seem to be in good company with the way you say to respond to the “lio” in which we find ourselves. Two days before the Pope took a 2×4 to the hornet’s nest, +Vigano responded to Valli’s almost despairing post with words we all need to hear.

  3. Very good advice. I do worry about those heavily invested in either one of those options.
    Our job is to persevere to the end, one step at a time.

  4. Francis does not depress me , and we , God WINS

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