To Hell With The Hermeneutic Of Continuity!

One positive result of the evil clown’s brazen attack to the Mass of the Ages might be this one: that more and more people will now understand that the problem is, in the end, Vatican II itself.

John or Paul, John Paul or Benedict, in the end you end up with Francis. There is simply no way one can enter the slippery slope of Modernism and not end up with an atrociously deformed Church.

An awful lot of halfway attentive faithful will, after the motu proprio, finally realise that there is no scope whatsoever in trying to reconcile Modernism and Catholicism. Vatican II is the carrier of the extremely dangerous, mortal virus of heresy, and it must be completely expunged from the body of the Church if She is to become healthy again.

Francis has not come out, all of a sudden, from under a cabbage. He is the inescapable product of the heretical mentality that came before him and carried him to prelacy and papacy. This mentality, once it has started, will not stop until it is completely destroyed.

Vatican II must be eradicated in toto, and those who decry the motu proprio must finally understand that every pope, from 1958 on, was part of the problem. Yes, even their beloved Benedict, the man who was so good at pretending he cared.

The Hermeneutic of Continuity is now officially dead. Francis has amply demonstrated that there is no continuity between devil and holy water. When this mess has come to an end (very likely, not in our lifetime), the faithful who will support the restoration of the beauty and the dignity of the Church will understand that the cancer must be removed in its entirety.

From every evil, God makes a good.

Pray, and trust in God’s Providence.

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  1. Patrick Walsh


    Vatican 2 is theologically sound . It’s the way that it was imposed by those interpreting what they called the “spirit of Vatican 2”. This was done by a group of insiders and bureaucrats who subverted Vatican 2 .

    One has to be very careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Francis changing the catechism on capital punishment and his synods and his latest restrictions on the Latin Mass are all exampled as to how these subversive people operate.

  2. The gospel reading from July 11, the 7th Sunday after Pentecost, is Matthew 7:15-21 wherein Our Lord warns us about false prophets who look like sheep but are ravening wolves. The passage also goes into great length about good trees bearing good fruit and bad trees bearing bad fruit. An evil tree cannot being forth good fruit. Jesus was warning us, a few days before Bergoglio’s motu proprio.

    Vatican II which is based on modernism, a heresy condemned by earlier Popes, is an evil tree, the synthesis of all heresies, and it can never bring forth good fruit. It was a nuclear bomb detonated over the heads of the faithful by the faithless cardinals, and Popes of the 1960s, starting with John XXIII. This is how you get a Pope (JPII) proudly kissing a Koran, instead of burning it.

    And yet, JPII is a great favorite of many trad priests and laity. Now these trads feel betrayed? By whom and by what? Not a single one of them complained about JPII, who by the way, promoted McCarrick, despite knowing about his shenanigans.

  3. Agree 100%. Vatican II has been an obvious catastrophe for the Church. “By their fruits you shall know them”. It must be abrogated in its entirety.

    Archbishop Vigano is our stand-in Pope. Listen to him. Do as he suggests. Faith, patience, and lots of prayer is what we need now. Don’t worry. God rules.

  4. Mr. M. It should be remembered that in the waning years of Pius XII the modernists had already begun their assault in the mass of Pius V through changes to the Easter Week masses. Expunging modernism means going back to an immediate post-war missal. The last papacy where modernism was reasonably suppressed was that of Pius XI. This of course does not mean that Pius XII was himself a modernist.

    • That does also not prove that the *changes* of 1955 were modernists. Lefebvre himself was perfectly happy with the 1962 Missal, which also had the advantage of keeping out the hardest Sedevacantists.

  5. Vatican II is the bathwater, indeed. I am so grateful that my mother (RIP) caught on to this in the 60s. Most of her children were raised by then, but my younger sister and I were young, and we remained Catholic, thanks to her understanding of the situation. I never thought Benedict was ‘conservative’ because I remember photos of him in books by Michael Davies and Hamish Fraser, in his suit and tie, ‘hanging out with the cool kids.’ Vatican II trashed the Church and we are left picking up the pieces. Our Lord promised He would be with us until the end of time, and I’m honored to help pick up the pieces.

  6. I have been studying the Traditional Mass.
    Today I am inspired and encouraged to continue doing so more than ever.

    There is nothing “divisive” about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that has sanctified the Church
    and saved innumerable souls over many successive centuries
    – and it is blasphemy for a Catholic prelate to say otherwise.

    As Pope Francis sees nothing “divisive” about enthroning demonesses on the Altar and flying sodomite flags, I find it remarkably odd that he has a problem with the celebration of the Traditional Mass in parish churches.

    Pope Francis’s “inclusivism” is not inclusive of traditional believing Catholics.

    Father John Matthew Duffy
    Toronto, Canada

  7. Vatican II the council that created a new religion and must be declared evil , done away with !
    Tradition , reverence and holiness must return !

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