Vatican II Must Be Cancelled In Toto, Or: Bishop Schneider And The Excrement Cake

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All-Cream, Pre-Vatican II cake. Good enough for me.

Bishop Schneider has released a very long text about the Second Vatican Council and the necessity to keep what is good in it. I have not read the extremely lengthy paper in its entirety, because I don’t need to. Still, I post the link so everyone who is so inclined can have a go at it.

My opposition to the survival of Vatican II is a matter of principle, not of detail.

It is fully irrelevant that the V II documents had something good in them, if you look for long enough. We all know this. I am pretty sure Stalin had something good in him, too. The simple fact is, that V II is not the inventor of Catholic goodness, nor is Stalin the inventor of whatever human goodness he had (I don’t know: perhaps he loved dogs, or classical music…

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  1. Pauly Fongemie

    Agreed and bravo!

  2. Lumen Gentium, one of the documents of Vatican II, states that the church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church. It did not say the church of Christ IS the Catholic Church. Why? Because the modernists wanted to introduce ecumenism into the Catholic Church, even though it goes against the teachings of Christ.

    Anyone who says that Vatican II is theologically sound, but poorly implemented or interpreted, hasn’t read any of the VII documents such as Lumen Gentium, or has merely accepted the standard Novus Ordo explanation.

    Mathematically the truth is expressed like this: Church of Christ = Catholic Church. Lumen Gentium destroys that equation.

    The other documents of VII are filled with similar heresies. I’ve read portions of them and was thoroughly disgusted.

    • The V II documents were poorly worded, with – I think – the *explicit* intention of subverting the Doctrine later. Archbishop Lefebvre warned of the poor wording, but signed all of them. Still, it being now clear that V II carries the virus, it must be expunged.

  3. I am fully in favor of Francis following in the footsteps of St. Pius V and abrogating all “the rites that could not claim a proven antiquity,” such as everything that was flushed out of V2.

  4. Vatican II is the council that started a new religion with a new Mass and new sacrament’s , new priesthood and a new catechism .. absurd

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