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Explaining Francis: the Reblog

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“I hate you so much…!”

Follow the link to the Mass of the Evil Clown, held in the House of Sodomy. 

The money quote is, as recognised by the outlet itself, this one:

“In recent days many people have lost their jobs; they have not been re-employed, they are working illegally … We pray for these brothers and sisters of ours who suffer from this lack of work “.

In one phrase, one can isolate everything that is wrong with this guy. Let us go in order:

  1. Francis’ preoccupations are never spiritual, they are worldly. When he pretends to be interested in soul, it is just an excuse to push his worldly agenda. So he can say that the poor are exploited, or he can say that those who exploit the poor will go to hell (notabene: the God of Mercy does not help the class enemy…). In the end…

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