In Every Miracle, “Miracle” Is The Operative Word.

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The multiplication of the breads is often used nowadays (by the Evil Clown on several occasions) to give us the good half socialist story of the people “sharing”. Poppycock.

Firstly, it is a miracle. If you believe it was a miracle, it means that you believe that Our Lord created something that was not there. “Sharing” cannot be part of this story. If you believe that it was a “miracle of shating” then obviously you don’t believe it was a miracle. The Gospels report Christ’s miracles because they were just that: miracles. They were not edifying little stories for the titillation of social justice advocates.

Secondly, the story is there with a precise purpose: to show not only a prefiguration of the endless abundance to be found in heaven, but also, and more poignantly for every Jew present, that Jesus is God. Only God can create food, only God can…

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  1. A Miracle denied is still a Miracle and what is amazing about the denial is that the denier isn’t turned into sinder (sp!) on the spot.
    You deny His Miracles and you deny his Godhood.
    Deny His Godhood and you deny the Triune God.
    Deny the Triune God and you are not a Christian.
    Q: Is the Pope Cathoilc?
    A: He’s not even Christian.

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