Adolfrancis Goes To War

The less young among my readers will certainly remember the many parodies of Hitler talking to his generals in the 2006 movie “The Downfall”. I never really enjoyed them (because I understand the German that is spoken “behind” the subtitles) but it must have been hilarious for those who saw the movie with subtitles without understanding the language.

Why am I reminding you of the parodies? Because I see the time rapidly approaching when such a parody will be put online, with Francis in the role of Adolf and his generals all explaining to him, sweating and greatly embarrassed, that the offensive has failed, the Traditionalists are advancing on all fronts and even General Cupich has disobeyed his orders and has refused to launch the offensive; at which point Adolfrancis launches into an extremely angry tirade against everybody.

And this, my dear readers, is exactly what we learned today: that even Cupich does not dare, at least for now, to touch the TLM in his Archdiocese.


I have written some days ago that I had the impression that a number of Bishops would calibrate their answer to the Motu Proprio according to their expectation about the residual duration of this rather satanical Pontificate. I have the impression that Cupich sees a Conclave approach in the not too distant future, and does not want to get in there as the useful idiot of the late Francis Of The Evil Circus.

You might say: for now. Hhhmm… not sure about that, and it seems to me that Cupich is just protecting his leftist backside against retaliation from the Evil Clown. The moment to attack is when the general orders the attack. “Perhaps in three months’ time ” isn’t really the answer said general wants to hear, but is still better than “I refuse to carry out the order, mein Fuehrer!”.

Plus, Cupich has the advantage of living in an actual diocese, rather than in a hotel run by a sodomite he protects. Therefore, he can get the temperature and the mood of his sheep (however much he despises them) much better than said Evil Clown, who is so blinded by his fanatical hatred he could not even see a wreckball rapidly advancing towards his nose, much less something imponderable and distant like the anger of Catholics.

Nor is Cupich the only one refusing to attack. Cardinal Mueller has written a long answer to the document which, whilst containing an awful lot of V II delusions, is such a complete takedown of the measure that you would think Mueller is a teacher giving a thorough, utterly humiliating dressing down to the most asinine of his pupils. Many others were less articulate in the detail, but pretty much aligned in the substance. They know what they’re doing, because the acceptance of the very principle that Francis asks them to swallow – the Adolfrancis holocaust of the Mass of the Ages – is a factual impossibility that could utterly ruin them once Francis is six feet under. It is, to continue with the comparison, like Hitler ordering to destroy Paris. It’s not happening, Adolfchen, but we will be making excuses for as long as you live, anyway….

Of course, this military operation is only at the beginning; but it seems to me that it could not have had a worse start for Satan’s troops.

Adolfrancis screaming in rage at his general could, in fact, be not a parody, but a reality just as I write this.

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  1. I just read the statement of the bishop of the Diocese of Knoxville, who will allow the TLM to continue status quo ante (at least for now), while however implementing the litmus test of accepting all the teachings of Vatican II, as well as the validity and liceity of the implementation of the new Mass.

    One has to pause and hover over that litmus test. First of all, is there widespread agreement among high churchmen, reached after careful and deliberate consideration, about the liceity of imposing a new, manufactured rite of Mass, however valid, on the Church? If not, why are the little people not allowed to question it?

    Secondly, why are we not allowed to question an ecumenical council that explicitly was “pastoral” and refrained from defining any dogmas?

    Thirdly, if we need litmus tests, why don’t we have an “acceptance of all the Ten Commandments and all the Precepts of the Church and all the Sins that Cry Out to Heaven for Vengeance” litmus test to let people in to any Mass whatsoever? Why is there no litmus test to screen out those who reject those parts of Vatican II that were already defined and infallible doctrine before the Council? And why are we doing this at a time when we have bishops and priests refusing to implement the canonical litmus test of not being a manifest public sinner in the case of pro-abortion and pro-same-sex-marriage politicians presenting themselves for Communion?

    To ask some questions is to answer them.

    • A.M.,
      I live in the Knoxville Diocese, overseen by a Bishop (Stika) who would rather pose for pics with half naked minor children than be a true shepherd to his flock.
      Four churches (in this diocese) offer the TLM and at that it’s JUST one mass on Sunday. No daily TLM, no FSSP parish, 2 SSPX parishes that aren’t accessible to many because of distance.
      Granted I moved from a state where FSSP, SSPX, Byzantine had numerous options for the flock to attend, so maybe just a little disgusted I’m relegated to a majority of masses I attend having to be the NO clown show mass.
      Guess there aren’t enough Catholics in the Buckle of the Bible Belt to grow the TLM mass options but there sure are enough foreigners to keep offering masses in Various foreign languages to accommodate them!
      Back to my point (apologies) Stika is an adoring doe eyed fan of Bergoglio, the TLM will never grow in the great state of TN and at some point I see him shutting them down – just as he closed churches down during the height of covid, denying the faithful the sacraments. This mans faith (in my eyes) lays elsewhere then with God.

  2. Great post & great comment by A.M. I guess I am surprised (& delighted) that Cupich is not going to respond quickly. Also, I love the idea of litmus tests: don’t accept the 10 Commandments? Out! 7 deadly sins? Out! It would cull the fakes right out of the Church. In the meantime, we just have to wait for the next temper display from Casa Santa Marta to see how things are going. Shouldn’t take long.

  3. Another feeble home goal by Francis. He must have dementia he thinks it is 1972.

  4. One question separates the sheep from the goats: “The Blessed Sacrament is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Yes or No?”

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