“Merciless Indian Savages”: Why Facebook Must Be Broken Up

The “hate speech” reblog

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nazi facebookWe had in the last few days another example of the way Facebook tries to control everything you say and, in time and unavoidably, the way you think. 

Facebook’s apology for censoring the Declaration of Independence as hate speech does not make the problem go away.

In fact, it makes it worse. 

If Facebook had stated that the censorship was due to a pot-smoking, White-hating, “Native American” (means “redskin” to you and me) SJW who has already been fired, this would have been scary indeed, but still in the realm of human error. But this is not what Facebook says. 

The censorphip was automatic, software-driven, they say in their apology. Most probably, though they don’t say it in order to have their mistake more mercilessly exposed, because of Jefferson’s reference to “merciless Indian Savages”. This means that in that huge, sanitised leftist kindergarten called Facebook you can’t express a perfectly…

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  1. “Break them up, Mr President.”!!??!!
    The current faux-adult sitting in his depends in our whitehouse (needs a re-namimg to “blmhouse”) is all for censorship of every kind and has very little will of his own anyway. The USA is currently living under a mini-dictatorship of the progressive/pervert socialist wing of the demoKKKrat party.
    “Mr. President” is not going to do, or attempt to do, anything more ethical or difficult than hold his shoe out to be tied by whoever is employed as his ‘nanny.’

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