Trembling Fairies

The scandal of the Grindr Monsignor is bringing up more information that appears extremely interesting. The organisation that procured the data maintains that the data is perfectly legal and free to buy, as Grindr actually sells it to everyone interested (normally, I suppose, for marketing purposes). It would also appear that they already have information about many more prelates.

(Here I must interrupt to make a service announcement: the unbearable droning you are hearing now is the whistling in Father Martina’s ears. Normal service can now resume ).

If we lived in sane times, our Bishops would – after verification of the legality of the information, then you don’t want the Law Firm of Mssrs Fag, Fudge, Packer & Elton suing you – buy everything and embark in the greatest clean-up ever seen in Church history since St Peter Damian’s time. However, we do not live in sane times, which is why we have so many Father Martinas, Bishop Georginas and Cardinal Marinas in the first place. In fact, I can well imagine that, since hearing of such data, many a Bishop fears that he is one of the tracked people himself; then it apoears extremely unlikely that Monsignor Burrill got where he got without a number of them knowing, and some of them knowing for all the wrong reasons.

The organisation that has the data should now make all of it public, and publicly shame the bishops who were offered the information and refused to use it.

As to Francis, something tells me he is now thanking Satan for being too old for apps like Grindr. I might be wrong, of course. Still, the time is rapidly coming when it is perfectly sensible to suspect every leftist priest and prelate to belong to the parish of Sodom.

Quite interesting, this stuff.

It’s almost as if a bunch of faggots had decided to go hard against the Latin Mass, and the punishment had followed very swiftly.

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  1. God works in mysterious ways,His Wonders to perform.

  2. This post is priceless. ‘…almost as if…’ Yep!

  3. Every new good bishop upon taking office should 1. hire a private detective 2. Hire a forensic accountant. Then proceed to find out who the pervs are and where the money went. After cleaning out the rif raf sell an abandoned parish, convent and school to the SSPX for a dollar.

  4. etunamsanctam

    Sow the wind; reap the whirlwind? Every bishop right now should find out who the pervs are, and dismiss them from the priesthood, without subsistence, to earn an honest living elsewhere. They are parasites on the Mystical Body of Christ. They have been hiding in the tall grass of the priesthood, while carrying on in their filthy deathstyle. If a bishop is among the pervs, he should resign. Faithful Catholics want the Church cleansed of this rot. Pray for that!

  5. This is hysterical. I actually had a similar thought that the reason most bishops were allowing the TLM despite the motu proprio was blackmail. It had to be in my case because our Archbishop hates the Latin Mass, yet allowed it to remain.

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