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President Trump has announced already several weeks ago his choice o Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. We all know that, in the end, this a battle about abortion and “gay” rights, sorry, wrongs. We all aldo know that whilst results might not be immediate, we are at a real crossroads with this.

You would expect the Pope to hammer the defence of life all summer, just to put some pressure on the US Senators.

Nothing too obvious, of course. But strongly enough that people get the message, and insistently enough that this is the talking point of summer 2018.

You would expect that, if Francis had a shred of Catholic faith in it. But the sad truth is, he does not care for the unborn at all. Living Muslims, and how they can destroy a Continent Christianity has shaped, is all he cares about. Such is his…

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  1. At least it’s all out in the open now. No one can say he hasn’t made his hatred for the TLM and faithful Catholics obvious. No more excuses for him, no more apologetics for Francis, no more hermeneutics of anything. All and sundry can see he had plenty of time to think during his recent colonic surgery, and while he was laying there in his sick bed he was thinking “I better get that done NOW…”. And so he did.
    Like all tyrants, he has nothing to substantiate what he tried to do. He doesn’t even care to try to explain it in reason, using elegant language, the language of diplomacy and logic, as the thinkers of the church have done over time. He’s too brutish for that. His reasoning is silly, “some people made comments against VII”, or “division”, as if he’s not taking an axe and excising the only growing member of the church right now. He lamely gaslights us, by saying he is doing what Pius V did, only he is doing the exact OPPOSITE of what Pius V did.
    As Cardinal Burke put it in his very good response, Francis “does not have the power” to do what he has tried to do, he simply doesn’t. It is not given to even a pope to ban the Mass of the Ages, the Mass of the Saints.
    What would be expected of little Francis? He will most likely double down. There is not a molecule of true humility in the man. God have mercy on him.

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