Is Francis Ill?

The Evil Clown will *not* celebrate, tomorrow, the Mass for Grandparents’ World Day. More interesting still, this was made known two days earlier, on Friday. This, also, not because of more urgent engagements, but for “health reasons”.

Hhhmmmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I am trying to reflect and remember the last time Francis cancelled something 1) for health reasons 2) two days in advance. There might have been such occasions, but I am sure they weren’t frequent.

So, what is happening? Let us try to make some hypotheses.

  1. Francis just has no desire to celebrate the Mass for the Grandparents. He does not like them, because they might be conservative. He decided to just show them a finger. It can be, of course; but Francis is a guy not below doing these things at the last moment. He could have just ignored any rules of decency and claimed a headache or tiredness on Sunday.
  2. Francis is so angry at the horrible failure of Traditionis Carnifices, that his bile has given him health troubles. Or perhaps he just does not want to see anyone and does not want to take part in any public ceremony, lest he begins to insult Catholics like a fishwife on a very bad day, with cameras on.
  3. Francis’ health is worsening. It is worsening enough, that the notoriously mendacious press office of the Vatican needs to tell us that he needs to cancel the celebration of mass 1) two days earlier, 2) for health reasons. It is as if the press office were saying to us: “Things will be different from now on; less appearances and more uncertain ones, according to the health of the Unholy Clown”.

The next days and weeks should be attentively observed. They will tell us a lot about whether this is Francis simply throwing more toys out of the pram, or getting nearer to his judgment.

I do not wish the man any suffering, in this life or the next; but he is missing several parts of his body (half a lung and a piece of colon, besides a good part of his brain and the totality of his conscience) and one has the impression that the devil’s augers in hell are now drilling frantically in preparation of the new home for the Evil Clown.

And now: this part is where I should recommend you, as I would in the case of any other pope, to pray that he may get well soon.

Not for this one, I don’t.

Pray that he dies. Without suffering, and for the good of the Church, and possibly repenting (highly unlikely).

But pray that he goes.


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  1. Perhaps frankie recognizes that it is bad for his spiritual health to hold mass when he is in mortal sin.
    But then, who am I to judge?

  2. One can only suspect that the reported demise of Arius was fair enough.

    Judas’ reported demise seems fair enough for his unrepented crimes.

    One wonders if T’ Googlio Monster is less complicit in perfidy than either of the above.

  3. I pray every day that he will convert. Imagine if he did, then he would spill the beans on everything that he has been up to, would name all those who are within the church who hate the church, would abolish his bad works, would apologise to Catholics for the evils he has done, would be sorry for the offences he has committed against God and would please God. If he were converted, he would be a different man, one loveable. It’s possible and we must, in charity, pray and hope that it may be. If he does, he will get his reward. If he doesn’t, he will get his reward.

  4. I’ve felt from the start the Vatican press office hasn’t been honest about Bergoglio’s health. A Sunday night surgery that was supposed to laparoscopic and became a full incision that removed half of his large intestines and resulted in a 10 day hospital stay is not nothing, especially for an 84 year old missing part of his lung. I don’t expect Bergoglio is going anywhere anytime soon, but I don’t think it was a coincidence one of Bergoglio’s biographers and buddies wrote that he should change the rules of the Conclave from 2/3 plus 1 vote to a simple majority.

  5. While it may seem charitable not to wish him suffering, that seems to be beyond the the justice of God. Instead may he suffer on earth, after repenting rather than the expiation in Purgatory which would be far worse, (and maybe longer), as revealed to Sister Serafina.

    • it is a Catholic tradition that, when you wish the Pope’s death, you wish him a painless death. Of course, God will send him all the suffering that is good for him.
      You are very optimistic if you think this guy has more than a very small shot at purgatory.

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