I am a deeply flawed human being. My fallen nature catches up with me with shocking frequency. I am, as a whole, unworthy of the many graces God keeps giving me (by keeping me alive, and healthy, for example) day in and day out. But… But….

Is hating a hateful individual like the Evil Clown among my (manifold) flaws? Certainly not!

Francis has never done anything to me personally. He never kicked my cat, or took my place in the queue, or disrespected me in any way. I am positive that he never even neglected to pass me the salt! I have no reason to have any personal resentment against him!

Still, I wish he died today. This very moment. As I write this. I actually pray (though, being a deeply flawed individual, not with anywhere the frequency I should) for the Evil Clown’s painless death. Mind, I wish him Salvation, with all my heart, with all the charity I can muster. Still, I hope the guy reaches room temperature as soon as may be.

Why is that? And does this make me bad?

The first question is easily answered: because I love Christ and His Church and I see in Francis, like everyone with a brain, an enemy of both.

Do you love your Country? Do you wish death (not damnation!) on those who have declared war to it, have attacked it and want to destroy it? Yes, I am sure. If you didn’t, I would question your patriotism. You can, of course, wish that the war goes to an end and the attack ceases. Still, as long as the war goes on, you want your enemies’ skulls to be introduced to the bullets of your soldiers. Does this, then, make you bad? On the contrary: it makes you a Patriot. Has the soldier, whose skull you wish to see introduced to a bullet, done anything personal to you? Certainly not. It’s not personal, you see. It’s about what we love.

Now: how more important is Christ and your Church than your Fatherland? My answer: infinitely so. Therefore, I should, most certainly, wish for the (earthly) number one enemy of the Church to die. I should do so because it is about what I love, and if I wished this guy a long Pontificate because I love to “feel good” in my supposed humanitarianism, this would unavoidably mean that Christ and His Church are less important to me than my own desire to “feel good”.

It’s not difficult, really.

Get your priorities straight, and such questions will be answered automatically. Get your priorities wrong, and your answers will be just as flawed.

Francis is at war with Christ and His Church. I wish he ended the war; but, as long at the war goes on, I will wish the death of the enemy.

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  1. This is unusual for me: just before I checked for messages I was thinking, ‘I’m not wishing anything bad for anyone, and I definitely pray to be better. But I wish Francis was gone.’ A minute later, I read your post. Maybe Catholic minds think alike sometimes. Or perhaps, we’re being forced to do so by the machinations of those are working so hard for the destruction of the Church. Prayers for you & all who are praying and working for the restoration of the Faith.

  2. Oh Mundabor, you went there, you’re not being “nice”! Being nice, also tolerant, compassionate, are primary virtues today, they replaced those corny old virtues. This is one of the most ignored effect of Francis Church in our world, the totally screwed up priorities and values of so many people. This is not a small thing, it is a big thing. Take the messed up way the church actually proactively defends prisoners and abhors the death penalty, denying it’s valid implementation for centuries, but looks the other way on abortion and dismembering the precious unborn, the innocent. That one issue has helped make a mockery of justice and has helped create the nightmare we see unfolding in our streets. The church has left behind the biblical worldview and replaced it with it’s own screwed up priorities, and helped make us a culture that has little idea about what is truly right and what is truly wrong. The world is a hot mess, and we truly can lay a large part of the blame right at the church’s feet.

    • Kate. How right you are. There are so many Catholics and more so protestants who just want to be nice. Nice at the expense of the truth of Christ.
      Bring back the pre Vat2 Church where the true full gospel was preached without fear.

  3. Very good explanation Mundabor, thank you.



  4. My question is what problem is his death really going to solve? The crisis is much bigger than Bergoglio. Isn’t it likely that another globalist progressive will be elected after he expires? I doubt a Pius XIII is going to show up out of the woodwork.

    • I’ll settle for something in the middle, who allows the many archbishops who understand that the Old Rite must be respected to work in peace. For the rest, we need to leave this to God.

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