Enjoy The Pinocchio Mass

In substitution for the Mass of the Ages, courtesy of a great liturgist called Jorge Bergolio, I give you

the Pinocchio mass.

This is old (first posted the day after the Most Tragic Event), but gives a very clear idea of what this guy had in store for you, instead of Catholicism, from the start.

As I said in the original post: yes, I pity the children.

But I pity this little tool of Satan more.


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  1. Kathryn Dresen

    Despicable. And he’s taking the Latin Mass away.

  2. R. Hunter Bidet

    I’d rather prefer a Tango mass! Nothing better than some inappropriate music and immodesty to shake off the excess rigidity. And remember, Tango was initially danced by two males, that would be appreciated by the GRINDR Cardinals for a future new buggers liturgy!
    Tango Mass with “Cardinal” Jorge Bergoglio

  3. It started with Pinocchio ,ended with Pachamama.

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