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Californian Freak Show About To End

We are informed that Bruce Jenner , who got the idea of candidating for Governor in California, is broke, or at least his campaign is.

If you ask me, it wasn’t more than a publicity stunt from the start. The freak lives out of notoriety, and this pretended run served him well. Only 700,000 dollars cashed in for the campaign. Heck, this is change money for some of his relatives!

What angered me of the entire stunt, and angers me now that the stunt is at an end, is that this guy was examined as a potential candidate in the first place.

You don’t give the time of day to a circus freak merely because he says he is conservative or says, at times, something vaguely conservative. You don’t start to examine his position on immigration etc. merely because he “candidates”. You know that from the mind of a circus freak nothing else will come out but rubbish. Plus, the guy represent all that is wrong in modern times, and should be rejected even if he talked sense all of the time.

As to the last point, let me assure you that it is not, nor could it ever be, the case. The guy could not take a clear stance on almost anything. Basically, he wanted to be elected in order for us to celebrate his self-mutilation. Not happening, boy.

Still, I think that Bruce Jenner did not want even that. Even he knew he had no chance. Even the extremely rich and oh so supporting members of his family did not care for the close relative as trannie candidate.

What Bruce Jenner wanted is for the public, that is, you, to mention his name, to talk about him near the water bowl. He wanted to live in you mind at the expense of his donors. He wanted to keep his name in the headlines so the next rubbish freak show would call him.

This has actually happened, and it appears the guy suspended his campaign to take part in a rubbish tv show. I cannot imagine a worse offence to his donors (who deserve it anyway) and a more blatant disregard for the office he was running to.

Remember this always: there is no “good homo”, much less a “good trannie”. If there is garbage in, garbage is all that will get out.

Bruce Jenner does not need sit in the chair of the governor. He needs to sit in the chair of his doctor.

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