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Wobbling Clowns

I have very recently written about the Evil Clown appearing in the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican, which he had air-conditioned because… Greta.

I would like, here, to focus on another aspect of that disgraceful apparition; the fact, I mean, that it is reported that the man did not manage the few meters to his podium without wobbling.

I wonder now: was this because he is recovering, or was this exactly because there is no recovery?

Francis never looked like the wobbling type to me. His walk was aged, as befits an overweight man of around 85, but not really uncertain. I never saw him helped to walk.

I am not a doctor, and have no desire to make too many enquiries about this. But you know how these things go: at a certain point, there are increasingly more signs that things are getting worse, and the last station, where the train(wreck) ends, is getting nearer. He might be wobbling because he is still recovering, or because he does not manage to recover, or just because he can’t carry the substantial belly he has built in his old years anymore.

Still, I think it’s fair to say that the next Conclave begins to be seen, in the distance, from the window and with a naked eye.

Pray for a Catholic successor to this guy. God knows we don’t deserve him, but we need him anyway.

Meet Pope Frankie, The Air-Conditioned Buffoon.

The hypocrisy of the Evil Clown really knows no bounds.

He never tires of warning us that therevis a climate “emergency “, which means we only have a limited time to save the planet; we all need to do our bit; we must live simply, renounce to consumption, bow in front on the poor and, in general, promote ecosocialism.

Then he has the Paul VI Hall in Rome air conditioned, so the humble wheelchair lover does not have to stand the heat. This is not even Nancy Pelosi hypocrisy. This is Bill Gates hypocrisy.

Still: every time I read one of these news, after the first spike of adrenaline, I thank the Lord that He allows everybody who has eyes to see to realise the almost inconceivable scale of phoniness of this guy.

Francis is an evil clown. As such, he manages to be a clown even in those rare days in which he does not say anything evil. It’s not only the way he talks, you see. It’s everything he is.

So we now have pope Evil Clown, the air-conditioned buffoon.

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