French Priest Dies Of Inclusion

“This symbiosis with the world in which we live, this world of exclusion as Pope Francis would say, this world of the periphery, is what Marie Louise experienced. Fraternal life, the pope’s last encyclical (Fratelli tutti), reminds us of this, living in symbiosis with the other, fraternal life and living in symbiosis with God himself.”

These moving, moving words were spoken by Father Oliver Maire, the priest murdered in France.

R.I.P. and all that.

Father Maire did not like exclusion.

He got a taste of the inclusion he so much liked.

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  1. Our first Martyr to Inclusion! How exciting. Will today be his feast? Juxtaposing his heroism with that if Saint Lawrence will be so edifying for us simple faithful.

  2. Linda Bell Peters

    Wow, you’re my kind of priest👍🏻from a conservative Catholic American🇺🇸

  3. How much more ‘accompaniment of the other’ are they going to tolerate before someone (anyone?) realizes that those people are not our friends? Hopefully it will happen before the total destruction of Western civilization.

  4. Rowdy Windwalker

    Burning down a cathedral is just a venial sin, a minor crime, maybe subject to a ten dollar fine. Let’s not be too hard on this poor guy from the peripheries, marginalized. And I wonder what order of priests will take him in next!

  5. At some point one must come to the conclusion that the results are a feature, not a bug, of the system that demands it. It’s just that there is a seemingly limitless supply of useful idiots and cowards.

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