Tyrants come and go; Democracies are born, grow strong, decay and die. Communism, Socialism, all other -isms follow the trajectory of all human things.

The Church, alone, remains and sees all of them enter the books – or the dustbins – of History. The Church will bury all of them, will triumph over all of them.

The Church keeps celebrating Her feasts (today, one of the most important of all) irrespective of all the turmoil outside. The Church who defeated Arianism will defeat Neo-Modernism. The Church who started spreading, 2000 years ago, the news of the most beautiful, most stunning, most moving and tenderest event ever happened keeps carrying out Her mission, year in and year out, as we now count 2021 of them, and She will do the same for as long as there will be years to count.

Do not expect this Church to be, in Her exterior appearance, immaculate and spotless. Do not expect her to always shine with the power and might of Her Bridegroom. Know that, at times, she will be bruised, battered, dirtied by scoundrel of all sorts. Still, the bruises and the dirt are only on her exterior fabric, as the inner core keeps its sanctity intact.

Once again, we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We celebrate it in an environment in which, in the very recent months, our very prelates have kept us away from Her celebrations, from Her Sacraments, from Her sacred liturgy.

I ask you to reflect, today, that in Heaven, the Blessed Virgin isn’t scared of Neo-Modernists more than she was of Arians, much less of those little tyrants who kept us out of our churches because it would not be nice to the world to do otherwise.

I wasn’t there, but I read many years ago that in Catholic Germany, the Germans remained at Mass during bombardments. They literally remained in the church with the bombers droning outside. I don’t know how frequent this was, or if it was “policy” or isolated acts of defiance. But, to me, it seems to make sense. If one has to die, I can imagine worse ways than by looking at the Body of Christ in the Tabernacle. If one does not have to die, I can imagine worse actions than taking shelter in Christ.

Germans didn’t do it with Mass only, either. It is well documented how classical music concerts and other events went on undisturbed during bombardments. We care too much for our own security nowadays, forgetting that our Maker can take us at any time.

I am pretty sure that those Germans actually believed in the dogma of the Assumption. I would go out on a limb and say that a great number of our worried contemporaries, so relying on “science”, don’t.

Believing changes your Weltanschauung. It changes the way you live and, at times, it changes the way you die. It is sad to see that many who say they believe do not seem to have much confidence in Christ, relying on the latest “research” and “science” instead.

May the Blessed Virgin, from heaven, pray for us all.

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  1. The best way to find out what a person truly believes, is to see how they act. Our Lord called the Pharisees hypocrites because they claimed to believe in God’s commandments yet behaved in exactly the opposite manner. Our political and religious leaders are hypocrites. They’re not fooling anyone.

  2. Speaking of Germans in World War II, would that we had bishops today like the Lion of Münster, Bishop Clemens Graf von Galen. Seliger Clemens von Galen, bitte für uns.

  3. I will accept your correction on my exceedingly rusty German!

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