Francis’ Idolatry of Himself

“Do I despise the Commandments? No. I observe them, but not as absolutes, because I know that what justifies me is Jesus Christ.”

I have listened to the Italian here. Therefore, I can confirm that the translation above is correct.

In Francis’ Freak World, commandments are not absolutes.

If they are not absolutes they are, obviously, relatives. They can be disposed of, modified, adapted, put in a context that is convenient to us and made suitable to our needs. It really boggles the mind.

The way he says it, it looks like Francis makes us a favour in not despising the Commandments. This makes sense, because, not being absolutes, it makes sense that he actually could. What Frankie says here is that the Commandments are something we observe inasmuch as it is convenient to us. Therefore, we can make our own faith, a bespoke religion of ourselves according to which Jesus Christ mysteriously, and in a manner unrelated to our observance of the Commandments, “justifies us”. I would call this blathering masonic, but I am not even entirely sure that this is not too lax even for a freemason. It’s a free for all in which the Commandments are vague guidelines, as disposable as a Kleenex, and salvation is given to everyone just because Christ is no nice to blasphemers, heretics and scandalous, presumptious sinners.

You clearly see what Christianity is for this man: it is the idolatry of self, with the added presumption of being saved for, basically, being an ass.

If your adrenaline goes up reading this, for which I apologise, please reflect that only a man completely conquered or confused by Satan can dare to spout such nonsense and try to smuggle it as I don’t say Catholicism, but vague Christianity at large. This makes it much easier for even your average, extremely poorly instructed Catholic to detect the stench emanating from this lewd old man.

No one, no matter how ignorant, who has a shred of good faith and intellectual honesty remaining in himself can say that he consider the Commandments “not absolutes”, because “the pope said so”.

By the way, this guy is clearly not afraid of going to hell. I will be charitable here and assume that he is not lying and is not, in fact, eagerly awaiting his encounter with Satan.

If he is, semel in anno, telling the truth, imagine his face when he dies…

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  1. It turns out, though, that even among relativists, there are still absolutes. For example, the Mass of Tradition, and the theology underlying it, and the Catholics who adhere to it, are absolutely bad and must absolutely be crushed out of existence. And for these, the “medicine of mercy” that John XXIII spoke about at the opening of the Second Vatican Council, in place of the severe condemnations of the past, is absolutely out the window.

  2. Charlton Heston starring in “The Ten Suggestions”?

  3. You’ll be happy to know that I trust your Italian translation. I was thinking as I read, that this sounds like my siblings who left the Faith and became protestant ‘ministers’. They have rearranged scripture for their convenience fre

  4. A little internet flicker shut me off. Those above-mentioned siblings probably believe the 10 Commandments although I would differ with their ‘interpretations’. I don’t know that they would stoop as low as Francis. It’s really sad.

  5. COUNCIL OF TRENT SESSION 6; CANON XXI.-If any one saith, that Christ Jesus was given of God to men, as a redeemer in whom to trust, and not also as a legislator whom to obey; let him be anathema. [Note: When God legislates, it’s a moral absolute, i.e. Perfect]
    Matt 5:20 For I tell you, that unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. [Note: MORE THAN]

  6. One could wonder if Moses would have considered the Ten Commandments as absolutes – from the time he received them through eternity.

    He probably would have responded as “Yes! Absolutely. From here to eternity!”

  7. Pope Barbossa I:

  8. Yes, Jesus can be merciful to whomever He wishes, BUT He will NOT contradict Himself. Jesus would then be a liar and I am not going to go there, as this is where I think Francis has clearly gone. His theology is pitiful!

  9. He isn’t Catholic

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