The Last Wheelchair?

More rumours about Francis’ health and, at this point, we have another of those elements I was writing about weeks ago: like a Kremlin occupier, Francis sees leaks about his health going out in the open as his apparatchiks keep ignoring or denying everything.

More talk of severe and degenerative disease. Now, also the definitive information that the surgical intervention was not planned at all, and was, apparently, so urgent not even Parolin could be informed.

Antonio Socci, not new to bold claims but, certainly, with reliable informants inside the Vatican, is the one who detonated the last bomb. To make its impact bigger, he reports of a possible abdication in October, after one of those stupid Synods For The Demolition of Catholicism he so much likes.

Will we have three Popes playing cards in the Vatican Gardens? We shall see. However, if Francis were to resign, I think it would only be when he hasn’t much time left, and purely as a virtue signalling gesture: the last wheelchair, so to speak. A pity that Benedict did it before him, and this would smack of copycat gesture.

Still, let me tell you what I think: if Francis abdicates, this will be a good outcome. Yes, the next Conclave will be fraught with great dangers. Still, to me it appears much more likely that God would providentially act by giving us a better Pope – a Pope who gets better after becoming Pope – than by moving this obdurate hater of Christ to repentance and conversion. Of course, nothing is impossible to God. But we see very often that He intervenes in ways that are, when observed externally, ordinary .

God did not really convert Eltsin.

He converted Putin.

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  1. I am praying a 54 day rosary for a holy pope who will consecrate Russian to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with the bishops of the world in their cathedrals. Our Lady of Good Success, intercede for us!

  2. I actually fear the day Francis abdicates, on the grounds that that will mean the fix is in for Francis 2.0. Also, I think it would be bad for the Church for papal abdications to become a thing. They are an aberration, and the last thing we need is the normalization of yet another aberration.
    On the other hand, as you say, God can do anything, and He is not to be hindered or stymied by the plots of a bunch of degenerates in the Vatican or anywhere else. God will do what is best. But meanwhile, we are having a very rough ride.

  3. True?: any Roman Catholic male can be elected Pope? Consider the possibilities-and imagine how the demons and minions are literally scurrying around right now – perhaps some having already been measured for papal white. Guy, Texas
    ps-consider posting gruesome details of the death of Arius

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