Meet The Virtual Drone

Take a virtual drone and bring it high, very high over your head. Forget the issues of the day, the polemics, Traditionis custodes, all of it. Take your drone so high Francis that and his man are but almost invisible little dots.

Now take your virtual time machine and, from that elevation, look back 60 years. The two thousand years tradition of the Church is being severely disrupted. Condemned heretics are highly praised. Everything seems to have to undergo an aggiornamento that resembles a severe beating.

Stop here for a moment and, from your elevated position, reflect.

Would God stop this from happening? Why would He? If God had wanted an earthly Church that never strays, He would have had it run by angels. Instead, the first Pope denied Christ, only one of the first twelve bishops risked his life to be at the foot of the Cross, and another one was the one who had just betrayed Him.

Now, keep reflecting. How does God’s world actually work? The wicked can go on thriving for decades, and at times they die without any exterior signs of earthly punishment. However, on a huge number of occasions God actually allows a sinner to experience at least some of the consequences of his sins during life. Gluttony creates obesity, which creates diabetes, or heart issues and heart attacks, or destroys one’s knees. Alcoholism destroys the liver to the point that the person is immediately marked, visible as a drunkard. Marijuana clearly makes of one a pothead. Heroin and other heavy drugs destroy him in a far more devastating way.

Nor does it stop at the sinner itself, then the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons. The bastard is accompanied, without any fault of his, by a stigma all his life, and he will likely have less chances and less guidance in life than the one born in a wedlock. The wicked, or faithless, wealthy man may be punished with a lazy, greedy, grasping, scrounging son, or by a drug addicted, gambling, degenerate one. The progressive mother “affirming” the same sex relationship of her son will be further punished by the deeply troubled, shellshocked nephews those two will “adopt” and, alas, raise. Wherever we turn, we see this law at play.

Why would, then, God do things differently with the Church? He will, methinks, allow the Church to stray. He will allow the Popes who made this mess possible to be celebrated after death, the heretical masterminds of the Council to be made bishops, even cardinals, and even Popes, and die praised by the world and the mainstream Catholics.

Still: He will cause a Church drunk on aggiornamento to show the signs of Her alcoholism, and the heroin of heresy will, at some point, show Her deformed and without teeth. He will, as he does with many a human, allow the course of wickedness to run to its end; and yes, he will punish the sons for the sins of the fathers, then if you can approve of guitars in church you have not deserved that your children get a solid grounding in Truth.

The big difference is that the Church is Indefectible. No matter how deformed, drunk, addicted She may become, at the appointed time She will be rescued. No Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI or Francis will ever manage to destroy her, no matter how hard they flirt with heresy and appoint horrible Bishops and Cardinals or – as is the case of Francis – openly hates both the Church and the faithful.

If you followed me up to here, you will easily understand what my conclusion is: the current mess is the unavoidable, willed, and utterly merited result of God ‘s punishment of both a Church which Her leading men are led astray and of a laity too lazy and comfortable, and too little attached to Christ, to give a damn about what was happening around them. Therefore, it is fitting that we suffer, then the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons.

We can, of course, fight back; as we very well should , because this collective punishment is also our individual path to salvation and God has shown us where the battleground is. The weapons of this fight are the same as always: more prayer, more penance, more vocal support of true Catholicism.

It is, also, important that we train ourselves and instruct ourselves in proper, pre V II Catholicism. We have a wealth of information at our disposal, from encyclicals to books readily available on the Internet. No generation before our had so easy access to many centuries of Catholic apologetics as we do.

So, let the virtual drone get back on earth, in the midst of Francis excrementations, and prepare to get in the fight, knowing that our side has already won.

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  1. Your second best post ever, Mr. M. Props!

  2. All of this was foretold by Christ, St. Paul, Our Lady and many saints of recent times. It should surprise no one with eyes to see and ears to hear.

  3. “Life exists on different levels of consciousness and the journey from the lowest to the highest level must be undertaken alone.
    The state of being symbolized in ‘when the morning Stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for Joy” is far distant from us in this life and the herd bellowing on the plain below may send up a warming and comforting sound to the climber tiring on the first slopes of the long assent , but the communion of scops is not the communion of saints and if the climber turns back let him at least retain his sense of distinction between them. ” Hugh Kingsmill

  4. God allowed Israel to stray many times in the Old Testament. It wasn’t until the horrible results of her adultery would show up that she would come back grovelling in sack cloth and ashes. That is us now. Like you noted, the Bride of Christ is perfect…but we fallen humans who ought to take care of her and be grateful for her nourishment are far from perfection. May Our Lord continue this punishment as long as it takes to make the Bride of Christ shine again:+) God bless~

  5. ” . . . a laity too lazy and comfortable, and too little attached to Christ, to give a damn about what was happening around them.”

    Can I take you back to 1969? Outside the church we might live in a democracy but inside we were in a Kingdom in the presence of a King. We genuflected as HIs subjects to show this reality. It was done as naturally as you see in those old movies of King Arthur where the knight comes in and genuflects before the King. It would have been unthinkable to do otherwise.

    Can I take you back to 1970? People come in, start genuflecting and realize it’s to a table that’s been set up. The tabernacle’s no longer veiled so where is the Blessed Sacrament? You ask a priest after Mass and learn He’s been put off to a table by the side door. You don’t even go out that door – your car’s parked the other way. You could mosey over there and get trampled on by people leaving who don’t even know they’re walking by Him. The priest never explains why the change and after a couple of weeks you stop genuflecting to an empty table because that’s dumb and anyway you can watch the priest watch you now which is weird but so what.

    This was brought to you not by a lazy laity but by a laity who had been conditioned for generations to not challenge anything their priests or bishops said or did. It was, “yes, father” “no, father” “thank you, father”. So if you asked why the change and they said it was because of the Second Vatican Council you accepted it. You would not have been a good son or daughter of the Church otherwise. The Council used the obedience drilled into us since childhood to subvert and overthrow everything we held dear. And we accepted it because to do otherwise would have put us outside the Church in our own minds. One doesn’t disobey one’s father. Children who are abused don’t recognize it for years and we had to grow up to realize what was done to us.

    • You make a good argument. In part. OTOH, the obedience to subversion shows that mental conditioning counts more than sensus Catholicus. This, whilst the example of Archbishop Lefebvre (and.. common sense) showed to anyone how grave the situation was.

    • Yes, Mundabor, that’s what The Cult of Covid demonstrates as well—obedience to Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, Bergoglio and all our DEPRAVED overlord politicians—no critical thinking, no grasping of how the physical world, God’s world, works with the seasonal ebb and flow of cold and flu viruses with yearly mutations. Even if created in a lab, out of malice, the virus is beholden to the laws of the universe. Maybe you don’t want to go there, but we must “man up” to the the DEPRAVED destroyers of primarily The Church (listening kitten cardinals?) and society. Go Aussie truckies!

  6. Mundy – you grew up in Italy where Italians have a long tradition (going by the movies) of mouthing off to their priests if they don’t like what they’re doing. I think you even threw some popes out of Rome. The American Catholic Church was run more or less by the Irish, a group that was into survival mode in the anti-Catholic environment of a Protestant America. Loyalty to the Catholic tribe was paramount if the Church was to survive here. One doesn’t question, one supports the tribe if it’s the only safe harbor in a bewildering new land. Yes, Catholics finally got themselves more or less mainstreamed but unquestioning obedience to a Catholic Church that was often their only protection ran deep still in the 1960’s. Remember – we were told the Holy Spirit was behind the Second Vatican Council. Do we question the Holy Spirit?
    You brought up the example of Archbishop Lefebvre. What example? I first heard of him in the 1980’s as some kook who had broken away from the church. That’s all 99% of us knew. There was no internet, no blogs, no alternative press to tell us otherwise. “Common sense” told us to be obedient sheep to those whom God had set apart as our shepherds.

    • If you didn’t know, you can’t be blamed, but i wonder how many can say the same. In Italy, even as a child I knew who Lefebvre was, because even the state owned tv and the mainstream newspaper dealt with him. Still, things like a guitar in the church *must* strike one as wrong, and I find the tribalism you describe a poor excuse before Christ.

    • Annie,

      I tend to agree with you. I grew up in the Slavic tradition. I do think that that Catholic tradition was a little more cerebral than the Irish, less emotional, less inclined to turn a blind eye to priestly or religious foibles or evils. But my parents, being young thirty-something Americans, cultural Catholics at best, were swept away with the spirit of the Age. The sexual revolution was hatched, Kennedy was president, and the world was their oyster. I remember them all talking about the eagerly awaited verdict on contraception.

      It does now shock me now how they embraced the revolution in the Church. Hundreds of priests and nuns in our diocese abandoned their vocations, often marrying each other.

      Every Mass introduced a new novelty. It was collective liturgical hysteria. But eventually, with maturity, it all left the men cold. The women/mothers hung on with their rosary societies, etc. Now they are all dead and the current mostly Ethnic Liberal Democratic Novus Ordo Catholics are in their 60s, 70s and 80s and dying off.

      As far as LeFebvre—he could have lived on Mars. Not-on-our-radar. I did not know of him until the new millennium.

  7. Italy probably has a healthier attitude to the Church than most other countries. Maybe because you saw the clergy up close right from the start.

  8. Great post! I am very blessed that my Irish American mother questioned the democrat party of her family, and the insanity of the ‘new church’. There were a few years of searching for a Church that hadn’t bought the whole Novus Ordo program. I learned of Archbishop Lefebvre in my teens and met some great men many years back (Michael Davies, Hamish Fraser, John Venarri, all RIP). I will always thank my parents for their firm understanding of the situation, and helping me to navigate the post VII carnage. I pray for the repose of their souls daily and thank their guardian angels for their watchfulness. And I thank God that despite my sometimes careless attitude, I listened to them. Deo Gratias.

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