The Only Thing We Can Do

“… spinelessly kowtowing to their liberal puppet-masters”

This is not Mundabor in the XXI Century. This is Monsieur Veuillot in the XIX. A guy lavishly praised by no less a great man than Saint Pius X.

Veuillot was criticising, very harshly for the times, a Bishop. However, I am pretty sure that the most liberal French Bishop in the XIX Century was infinitely more Catholic than the current Pope, then the latter is clearly not Catholic at all, unless in name and job.

As I have stated countless times, it is not only allowed, but fitting that laymen criticise the clergy when the clergy strays. It is our love for Christ and His Church which demands that it be so.

In fact, I will go further than this and I will say that, in these times of unprecedented straying of the earthly Church from Her proper course, it is fitting for the laymen to denounce the abuses with unprecedented harshness.

How else do you want to make the pewsitter aware of what is going on?

I have written a blog post some days ago, stating that those who, in the Sixties and Seventies, put on without a peep with the guitars in the church deserved to have their children badly catechised and confused by clergymen “spinelessly kowtowing to their liberal puppet-masters”. They did it because they found it easier to just shut up and obey.

This tells us that the laymen finds it fairly easy (not trying to justify them; just stating a fact) to, actually, shut up and obey. In order to wake them up from their slumber, they need the shock caused by harsh words.

I have, also, often stated the reason why my blog is so robustly worded. It is because this blog is not written solely for those who are already aware of the issues, but also for those who, surprised at Francis’ (or other clergymen’s) antics, go on the Internet to look around a bit and know a bit more, and – perhaps – stumble upon my blog.

Now, the garden variety (means: non-churchgoing, horribly catechised, contracepting, “gay-accepting”) Catholic layman stumbling upon my blog and starting to read around might criticise my lack of “kindness”, but – unless he is dumb besides being uncatechised – will not question my Catholic orthodoxy. The result of this should be, I am happy to report, that twenty minutes on my blog, likely together with some other browsing around thrown in in the mix, will leave this guy with a forever changed opinion about the papacy and its role, and about what staunch Catholics think about Francis.

This, my friends, is the best we can do. It is, likely, also the only thing we can do. We as laymen need, each according to his talents and possibilities, to do our little part.

We will be mocked. We will lose friends. We might find ourselves estranged from relatives.

But we will know that we are doing the right thing, and that we are accumulating savings on our Heavenly Bank Account.

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  1. Agree 100%. Mundabor is strongly supported by Pope Felix III.
    “Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it; and indeed to neglect to confound evil men, when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.” — Pope St. Felix III

  2. kilkennytully68

    Very good post again Sir. We’ll worth the Hail Mary’s. 😉 Keep it up please.

  3. It’s important work, Mundabor! It is. What is that concept, about the drops of water it took to wear away the Grand Canyon? We need to think of ourselves as drops of water, that eventually make a difference. Keyboard warriors, basically that’s what it comes down to, but that’s something. I want to do what I can. You reach a lot of people, so your work is especially effective. Your important work on Francis the old, lewd, godless Ass are some of my personal favorites and brings a smile to my face. These malevolent men should be mocked. They have used “obedience” and “meekness” and “submission” in order to rape the church and the faith and trample it. We have let them, being convinced over generations that, “that’s what good Catholics do”. We have been gaslighted. It may have started out innocently enough, but in the hands of destroyers it has enabled them to purge the church of Catholicism, being capped lately by Bergoglio’s refusal to kneel to Christ in the Holy Eucharist, his breaking of the First Commandment of God on sacred Vatican ground, his promotion and favor on homosexuality, his ban on the ancient Mass, the Vetus Ordo, which can only be considered an attack on God and His people. His little minions rush to do his bidding. What else can we do but respond with vehemence and determination to defend Christ and the church, to bring our displeasure to anyone who will listen in the church. The attacks come at a furious pace, the denial of Catholics the Holy Mass during Covid, the lack of concern by bishops about dying Catholics not being able to make their last confession, receive the sacraments, viaticum, it is a shocking level of cowardice and lack of faith, by them! Yet these men have the gifts that enable them to do God’s work, even when reluctant to do it, when they must be prodded or cajoled into doing it, what they do is efficacious for our survival, our souls. We need them to do it and take it to them when they don’t.
    I recently had an email conversation with our pastor regarding the vaccine mandates. He gave me an answer and I found it inadequate. I let him know our bishops need to defend us. Our bishops have abandoned us. When they say they will not sign exemption letters for the people, they are abandoning us once again.

  4. Pauly Fongemie


  5. You seem to have a hang-up about guitars, Mundy, as if the absence of them would have made a difference. The fact is that the same insipid songs were accompanied by organs in many churches. I suppose we could have fired the pastor like Protestants do.

    • The guitars are worse. They screams desire to be like the rock band out there. Bad music played by an organ can be changed without even having to buy a new instrument. Besides, the organ in church is traditional, the guitars aren’t.

  6. grassrootgonzo

    The mincing of words, “parsing” of language, and pussy-footing around is feminine, deceitful, manipulative. Women are quickly to castigate for “meanness”, which is often simply a defense to some indirect attack. Trump was “mean” for responding to biased critics and the CIA media in tweets, which was often his only means of getting his side out. To openly and bravely speak outright Truth is highly masculine. Truth is more important than “nice”, always. Using direct and honest language now “shocks” people, and is categorized as offensive, violating the New! Improved! First Commandment, thou shalt not ever offend.

    • Agree 100%
      The depressing thing is that too many man, nowadays, are scared away by accusations of being “mean” or “rude”. It’s the soy milk, I think…

  7. We will all no doubt spend time in Purgatory for being accomplices to the sins of others through our own silence.
    We should try to alleviate this accumulating guilt whenever possible.

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