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Let’s Celebrate!

Francis informs us that today is the world blabla day for the blabla care of blabla creation, or something of the sort I can’t even care to look up.

Without knowing the exact name, I think you know what this is about: the “new age” cult of the earth our atheist excrementator in chief loves so much, because it allows him to push his socialist agenda.

I think I will, for once, take the guy’s words at heart and suggest that you, my dear reader, care for and suitably celebrate this day so dear to Francis’ heart.

Get your internal combustion engine car and have a nice drive somewhere where God created natural beauty. Celebrate the cosiness of your house by switching on every light you have in it, thanking the Lord for the beauty of that nature that makes Sister Electricity possible. Have a nice dinner based on a huge Porterhouse steak as you think of all those cows happily grazing God’s green earth. Consider eating said Porterhouse in the garden, with your Brother Gas heather celebrating the great gift of fossil fuel.

What a beautiful way to celebrate, support and affirm God’s wonderful Creation in so many aspects! What a wise, exhilarating prayer of thanksgiving! Can there be any doubt that Frankie will be absolutely on your side, and – in spirit, of course – want to hug with you that 100 miles away tree that is, on this special day, so specially moving?

Think of this: with that belly, I am sure Frankie himself knows a think or three about Porterhouse steaks, with abundant potatoes to make his wonder at God’s gifts complete.

Yes, Frankie. You have persuaded me.

Creation really is a beautiful thing.

Common Sense

He will have his shortcomings (who hasn’t), but Bolsonaro really gets it. His latest appeal to Brazilian citizen to go on and arm themselves is the thinking of a person who puts individual rights before the tyranny of the government.

Jesus went around with a security detail, and if you don’t believe me you are welcome to read the Gospel when you have time. If Jesus did not have any need of arms for self-defence and still wanted his disciples to carry a number of them, how can it be doubted that being armed for self-defence is an obvious, natural right of every man?

Bolsonaro is the more remarkable because he was, himself, stabbed by a criminal who almost put an end to his life. He could, were he not Bolsonaro, go around crying that there must be a strong control on arms of all types in order to avoid what has happened to him. Still, this guy loves common sense instead of common places, and does not seek the easy popularity of those hypocrites who live surrounded by walls but consider them unchristian.

We need to recover common sense and start spreading the word:

The apostles went around armed. I want the right to do the same.

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