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Quos Deus Perdere Vult, Dementat Prius: Making Whoopee, Boy Bishop Edition

Remember our boy in purple? Well, it turns out that his lurv wasn’t a “platonic” one. This means, the man has not left his post because his (unrequited) falling in love made him realise how unsuited he was. No, he actually shacked up with the woman. Concubinage. A Bishop.

Dear reader, you know already that, for this to happen, that woman must not be a paragon of feminine virtues. Alas, it’s worse than that. The (I need to say it; not because I think beauty is worth going to hell; but because beauty is, at least, beauty, and men are very sensitive to female beauty…) very mediocre looking woman has a baggage (married to an infidel, check; divorced, check; children in tow, check) and is an author of erotic-satanic literature besides a compulsive reader of erotic stuff.

What does this tell us? Well, it seems pretty easy to me: easy woman obsessed with sex wants the forbidden fruit and proceeds to entirely (cough) bewitch our boy bishop into leaving his job, his God, his dignity, and become the (make no mistake) cuckolded concubine of the experiment-happy woman.

My prediction: after destroying his life and ravaging his soul, the woman will proceed to extract from the guy every last drop of manliness; after which, she will sail off to her next “erotic adventure” with some other horny idiot who likes ugly women with transgression itches.

What do we learn from this? In my eyes, one thing or two:

The first is that this idea of “bishops who falls in lurv and has to, has to leave his job” is just not there. This here is purest stupidity and lust nourished straight by some demon.

The second is that the legend of the good girl who falls in love with the bishops and has to, has to pursue her romantic dream, because lurv, is another legend. Good girls leave men of God alone.

The third is that these people live in a deeply dysfunctional mind space. To think that this was the same guy to tried to let his betrayal look good tells you everything you need to know about the amount of self-deception going on there.

Quos Deus perdere vult, dementat prius, we say in the Beautiful Country. This one here seems a textbook example.

Enjoy your sex-obsessed ugly, the two children in tow and – easy prediction – the many lovers you’ll have to live with, Bishop.

Chances are your remaining life on earth will be a good preview of the main show awaiting you after death.

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