A Tale of Two Priests

Father A is a guy who loves the Church. His vocation is sincere. He thinks that the patrimony of the Church is invaluable and that the Traditional Latin Mass is one of the most beautiful expressions of it. He suspects that Lex Orandi is Lex Credendi. However, he does not like conflict. He wants to have a life of prayer and of service to his sheep. He learns to cope with Vatican II, though he clearly doesn’t like it. He joins a seminary and, after eight years, becomes a priest. He waits for better times.

Father B is a guy who loves the Church. His vocation is sincere, and very strong. He thinks that the Church is going downhill, and he will not be any part of it. He thinks that the Traditional Latin Mass is not negotiable. He knows that Lex Orandi is Lex Credendi. He wants a life of service to Christ, and is ready to suffer whatever he has to suffer to do it. He joins a Seminary knowing that, after eight years, he will be excommunicated the very same day he becomes a priest. He wants to be part of the better times instead of waiting for them; but he also wants to be a part of the martyrs if this is the glory that God has in store for him.

Whom do you think, of the two, will react better when the tough times come?

Whom do you think, of the two, will make the better priest overall?

Francis is, at least, separating the wheat from the chaff.

We’ll soon know if love for Tradition is also love for Christ.

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  1. It pretty much boils down to this:
    ” However, he does not like conflict.” = Effeminacy.
    The world hates Christ, making conflict inevitable. The world hates Truth, making conflict inevitable.

  2. Wow!

  3. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m waiting for Francis to suppress all the traditional orders and then to excommunicate the SSPX. At that point it will be pretty clear where the remnant lies.

  4. I believe, as Mary Ann Kreitzer, that Francis is aiming to suppress all traditional orders and then (possibly) excommunicate the SSPX. I further believe he will not give up the fight, and that it will not be ‘pretty’. I don’t want to watch it, but I can guess that I will be transfixed at some point, watching in disbelief at the chaos he is willing to coerce. And I hope I am very much wrong, and that those he attacks are much more intent than he is.

  5. Well said. God bless~

  6. I’m guessing that if Pope Francis aims another excommunication at the SSPX, it will go pretty much like the last set of excommunications went.

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