Shithole Countries, Marxism, And Raping The Church

Look, it’s very simple: this will never stop for as long as Francis lives, and we will need to be lucky for it to stop afterwards.

Francis is raping the Church into a support mechanism for the Islamization of Europe. The last example is the monstrous mega puppet of “Little Amal”, whom nobody ever asked to go seeking her mother in Europe. In fact, nobody needed her mother in Europe, either.

Shitholes will have shit situations. The inhabitants of the shitholes should direct their effort towards making their shithole countries decent places to live in (and good luck doing that with the wrong religion), not crying help and conveniently recycling themselves as refugees every time the shit hits the fan; which, over there, is pretty, pretty often.

But no: we now have the tear story of the refugee girl, as Little Gretin is not not a girl anymore and something else has to be found to make dumb people feel all warm and fuzzy. Little Amal is not little, either. It is a huge circus apparatus meant to provide a photo op for the stupid. But look at Frankie, smiling as gives his hand to the monster, and joyfully inviting the invasion of the Continent, because inclusion.

Let me explain how Marxism works: the “oppressed” must be united against the “oppressors”. It is irrelevant whether the oppressed are compatible, as Communists will kill everybody who needs killing once the uprooting of the capitalist order has been achieved. From Muslims to perverts, and from poor to scroungers, everybody is enrolled.

It is abundantly obvious that to Francis, who clearly has no faith, the Church is merely a vehicle of that social conservatism that needs to be uprooted if the “oppressed” (as he sees them) are to win. He does not care a straw for Amal, or anybody like her. What he cares for is to contribute to the subversion of the capitalistic “system of production” as much as he can. I think, however, that sheer old hatred for the Church out of which he has scrounged his entire existence is also a part of the equation; then this one here is an old, lewd man, dominated by hatred.

Alas, the pictures seem to show a guy in reasonably good health, and we will see how the next months go in that respect. But seriously, we are now in mid-September and, if the medical situation is as bad as some have said, I would expect to see, so to speak, more of it by now.

We can hope.

And we most certainly should pray.

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  1. He could have a body double. He is too useful to lose.

  2. “Pope” as mindless celebrity.
    Any cause for the photo-op.

  3. My husband often says people have to personally experience the downside of things before they get it. That may be true. If the people in Europe don’t realize yet the inevitable downside, maybe they will not ever, until the downside comes to them personally. Frankly I think the global IQ has dropped precipitously. We may just be too stupid to comprehend these things anymore, and when they give us bread and circuses, it works. No wonder they treat us like imbeciles. Many of us are.

  4. jacintapichimihuida

    Appealing to the kids with a carnival act complete with a cabinet of curiosities once again with creepy puppets. When we are asked to pray for him during intentions, I wonder how many in the congregation find him to be reprehensible.

    • Appealing to and encouraging immaturity? Good point, similar to the increasing frequency of cartoon characters in advertisements, instead of authority figures in lab coats.

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