The (Fraudulent) Manchurian President And His Vulgar Handlers

One of the many, many flaws of the cabal currently fraudulently inhabiting the White House is the vulgarity with which they handle their demented front man. They cut his microphone, they ration his public appearances. They clearly want you to understand that whilst he is obviously demented, they are in control. Quite disquieting, really, as it makes of the Manchurian Candidate way more than fiction.

In the last days something happened which, whether you follow the space race or not, is quite a historic event: for the first time, 4 civilians went on a 3 days journey on orbit, without any professional with them, and came back safely, the mission a success. They also raised a lot for money for a hospital, because nowadays everything is done for charity or you can’t be good. Still, the money is, most certainly, good for the hospital.

mind: this is not Jeff Bezos swinging his (anyway not very controllable) willie, and his billions, sitting near some people who actually know what they are doing. This is 4 people, of whom no one is a professional astronaut, accomplishing the mission.

You can turn this any way you want: this is truly historic.

You would expect the handlers of Dementia Joe would recognise this. You would expect that the White House would release a communique with high praise for the men and women who did this, and the company behind it.

Alas, the driving force behind said company is currently not really in the grace of the White House, as the guy keeps exhibiting, in the last years, worrying signs of baseness. Also, the guy threatens more and more to endanger an awful lot of extremely well paid jobs from one of the most faithful paying customer of the Democrat party: unionised car workers. In fact, the same not-so-woke-anymore guy has just released a twitter storm against the attempt of said Democrats to bail out said workers with extremely high, barely disguises, totally shameless, taxpayers-funded subsidies. Ouch!



You would think that some decency still abides in Joe’s handlers. You would think that they would at least save appearances and to the right, patriotic thing.

But no. They are too vulgar for that.

Just too damn arrogant to even care how this makes them look.

We don’t know exactly who Dementia Joe’s handlers are.

But I can’t avoid thinking there are many Francistypes among them.

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  1. They clearly want you to understand that whilst he is obviously demented, they are in control.

    Truer words were never spoken. Their arrogance has soared to such heights that they really do not care what we see.

  2. Elon Musk is not a favorite of the Democratic Party establishment because he’s too independent, doesn’t play their game, and doesn’t care what they think. Hence, they go out of their way to ignore him. In addition, he makes NASA look bad. I agree that this achievement exceeds that of Bezos and Branson who did go up that far into space. But Uncle Joe could have at the very least said something nice about the successful mission. It tells me that Uncle Joe has hired total incompetents for his administration and no matter how much they screw up, nothing will happen to them (like Gen. Milley). This admin will go from one mess to another.

  3. Sorry I meant Bezos and Branson did NOT go that far up into space as the 4 civilians.

  4. One thing is clear: the person that was supposedly “elected” is not who is functioning as president. This is clearly illegitimate.

  5. I think a couple of characters on Joe’s ‘handler team’ are ‘Crying Chuck’ Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. They’re pretty transparent, in a murky sort of way.

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