Ironies Of Fate

“Ehi, I am on a plane again! Let me try to be funny and ironic…”

A Cardinal (who appears to have been one of the better ones), Jorge Urosa Savino, has died **of Covid** at the age of 79.

He was vaccinated.

It seems to me that we have, here, a rather sad “irony of fate”, to use the expression of the Evil Clown (he is not being elegantly smart, a’ la Oscar Wilde btw; the expression is extremely common in the Italian language). I am sure my readers will not deprive him of a prayer.

So, the possibly unvaxxed Cardinal Burke actually gets out of it alive, and the certainly vaxxed Savino gets to meet his Maker.

It seems like this man (I mean Francis) cannot avoid embarrassing himself at every turn as, due to the absolutely evident lack of protection given by the vaccine (and it could be worse; if you vaccinate yourself without protection you have poisoned yourself for no reason and have, very likely, lowered your immune defences; this, irrespective of other issues which might be caused by a vaccine that has been rushed out), it was only a matter of time until a vaxxed Cardinal died of the Chinese Flu.

I offer a short reflection here: the ultimate irony of fate would be if the certainly vaxxed Francis, himself, were to die of Covid.

But no, I am sure he thinks he is safe now that he has given himself the first vaccine in history that does not protect against the disease it is supposed to protect one against; and who, in order to work, allegedly needs that those who are not vaxxed also receive something that doesn’t work.

“My vaccine doesn’t work because you did not get yours” must win the prize for Most Hilarious Statement Ever.

Mind here: I am told that the American CDC has, in its website, changed the definition of “vaccine” to “include” vaccine that don’t actually work.

This, too, is another irony of fate, and the saddest of them all: that most of the populace is now ready to accept that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength, without a peep.

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  1. In your closing paragraph’s litany of absurdities you forgot “Bruce Jenner is a woman”.

    Great post, M.

    Sts Paul, Peter, And Isidor pray for Mundabor, that he remain healthy this coming flu season. And his cat too.

  2. An Ave for the cardinal.
    The term ‘Orwellian’ has never been so frequently used as it is now. It is a shame that it seems to have been coined for our society.

  3. My bet is that he will meet his end exactly as Arius did, but also shouting or murmuring obscenities.

    Whether such a way gets added as yet another “unique” covidian symptom and his death recorded as a covid death is another matter.

  4. Do you think Pope Francis really took a vaxx, or was it a dummy saline solution for show? As a far-right deplorable conspiracy-nut anti-vaxxer, I have a hard time believing that any of the Great Reset impresarios are taking the manifestly dangerous actual jabs.

    One of my ongoing prayer intentions is the swift exposure of the real purpose behind the jabs. Since they are pushed by people who are notorious for thinking there are too many people in the world, my money is on mass sterilization. Also, since all these jabs are tainted by abortion, I suspect they will also turn out to have something to do with the occult.

  5. The fact is that “Covid”, if it exists and is not simply the rebranding of seasonal flu, has a 99.7% survival rate. We know that the “Vaxx” is nothing of the sort, but an untrialled irreversible genetic experiment, promoted by Bill Gates, who is on video talking about using “vaccines” to control population, and he did just that in Kenya. There is no need for a “vaccine”, even if that is what is is, and the reported side effects and deaths are massive in number. This genetic experiment was created to require a “vaccine passport”, which will quickly morph into Bill Gates “Tattoo”, Mark of the Beast, as “Vaccine passports” will be faked by a lot of people.

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