Pope Francis, The Miracle Man

Dear Readers,

I must apologise for considering Pope Francis, for many years now, a scoundrel, a godless, lewd man and, in general, a tool of Satan.

It appears I was wrong as the man is, in fact, a miracle worker.

As he himself admitted, Francis can actually hear “mother earth” speaking (actually, groaning). He can, actually, even listen to .. them speaking to us, warning us that we are approaching dangerous thresholds! Oh, how eloquent Mother Earth… are!

Imagine! The guy wakes up, takes a bath, has breakfast, then walks around the Vatican Gardens. At some point, he kneels (yes, he can!) in front of “mother earth” and simply, silently, humbly, listens.

Forget Sister Lucia! Forget Bernadette! This guy talks with “mother earth” (erm, ur… cough….) “themselves!”

I am so deeply, deeply ashamed of having considered this guy a disgraceful joke of a pope for so many years. Had I known of his supernatural powers, I would have simply understood the errors of my way, and would have chosen a different tack.

Or perhaps the guy is just the disgrace he has always been, and with the years he simply gets more arrogant, more stupid, and even more godless.

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  1. That explains his worship of Pachamama, who is the “Earth Mother” of the tribes who live in the Andes and around the Amazon in Peru.

  2. R. Hunter Bidet

    I bet the “miracle” was that the white-clad cow heard one of his flatulencies and thought it was the “cry of pachamama.” It is not easy to fully process food with a shortened colon, lots of gas as a byproduct!

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