Bomb Detonation, Pachamama Edition

Heaven is watching, Frankie dear (and company…)…

The Pachamama-train took its start two years ago exactly, on the 4th October 2019. Two years later, we have another example of how Francis and his band of satanic destroyers operate.

First, you have the bomb. In this case, the worship of Pachamama in an obviously pagan ritual witnessed and endorsed by the Vatican and the Pope himself.

Then you have the denial that the explosion everybody heard was, in fact, a bomb. No, say the zealous speakers for the Evil Clown, this does not mean that we really worship a Pagan idol. We merely want to direct your attention on the plight of the indigenous people, or on the environment, or on whatever stupid excuse they can find.

Lastly, you have the institutionalisation of the bomb. Little by little, the explosion that never was continues to echo in the places that (allegedly) count. Only two days ago, Pope Evil Clown reminded us that “mother earth” is having a fit of rage, or a hysterical bout, or something of the sort.

He worships the earth, so he thinks he knows.

Meanwhile, Bishops keep blathering about the environment whilst babies get butchered. In the UK, I have heard of appeals to “eat less meat”. So, not eating meat on the day Our Lord was crucified is out of fashion, but not eating meat because one is scared of a cow’s fart is suddenly quite OK.

The sad reality that we need to understand is that, in their vast majority, our prelates do not reflect our faith anymore. They don’t reflect it either because they have either lost it, or because they never had it. When a priest loses the faith (and the more so when he is afflicted by some horrible perversion, as many of these people certainly are) he needs to avoid feeling a total scrounger, a total liar, and a total hypocrite. If he also is a homo (many of them are) he will be in desperate need of a stage, as these people are wont to do.

What does he do? He takes refuge in the values of the world and tries to extract from them the self-esteem and the social recognition (or the stage) he craves. This is why priests, bishops and – insofar as Francis has conscience and a modicum of self-awareness – Popes become apostles of social justice, or bleeding hearts for the environment, or – in the most shameless cases – allies and enablers of the pervert troops.

This is, I think, the mechanism at work for a huge number of progressive bishops and cardinals, including pretty much 100% of the evil people now working at the German “synod”.

For Francis, the matter is a bit more complex. Yes, he might feel bad that he scrounged an entire existence form the Church he hates. However, it is more likely that his social justice and environmental madness drive comes from different motivators: a huge arrogance, a total absence of scruples or shame, an uncommon degree of stupidity, and the desire to show his longest finger to all the people he hates: the Catholics and the rich first of all, those who like normalcy and common sense afterwards.

Francis says that mother earth is growling.

I say that the Angels are crying to heaven for vengeance; not only concerning the countless prelates who support depravity and perversion but, specifically, about Francis.

We will see who is right.

I still hope that we will not have to wait for long before making an educated guess.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    Me thinks that the farts of grappa-drinking, overweight, colon-missing clerics are a major source of “climate change” gases. Lord, put them out of their misery that they may receive a just reward, proportional to their actions!

    • Yeah, I can think of some particular fart going straight down to hell, there to remain until the owner gets in contact with his own emissions!

  2. “…not eating meat because one is scared of a cow’s fart is suddenly quite OK.”
    Actually bovine digestive gases are created by the feed they are virtually force-fed in feedlots where they live cramped-in the thousands like, well, cattle, before they are slaughtered.
    Knee deep in their own feces eating an unnatural diet they have digestive problems that result in gaseous releases.
    Cattle that are free range and grass fed have no such problems and produce a significantly higher quality meat.
    And I didn’t need to say fart once.

    • Beautiful and so a propos.
      But what’s the point?
      The bishops don’t say “eat only high quality meat”.
      Nor do they say “start having lean Friday again”.

    • The point?
      Just a little FYI.
      If we had good meat most of the gaseous emanations would be coming from the pontifical centers of the church hierarchy.

    • Amen, Mundabor. Pope Francis is so deep into a strange mixture of ecological theory and gender perversion that I wonder if he can ever surface. I pray that he does, and soon.

    • I pray that he dies, and soon.
      There, corrected it for you 😉

  3. It is rumored that the third secret of Fatima states that we will have a Pope who is under the influence of the devil. Also that there will be an evil council. Sounds like that is ‘right on’

  4. Here’s a “pachamama comment” elicited from an acquaintance who lived among an indigenous Ande’s tribe:

    “Jeffrey Prather
    Sun, Jul 18, 2:08 PM
    to me

    When I lived with the Aymara in the Andes they celebrated Fiesta de la Virgin simultaneously with Pachamama. On Parinacota there was an ancient chapel with a pile of skulls of the Indians who refused to pay taxes along with a mural of a dragon devouring a three headed man, Spaniard, Indian and Bolivian.”

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