Pray For Mr Skojec, Blinded By Arrogance

This is serious, serious stuff, Mr Skojec…

Watching Steve Skojec going down the road of perdition, slowing erecting an altar to his own oh so self-esteemed intelligence and wallowing in his own discomfort at being, actually, a Catholic, has been quite a show in the last years. It was like watching one of those car crashes, filmed in slow motion, that are made to test the safety of cars.

In this particular slow motion film, you could see the crash approaching from afar. It was clear that the driver was heading for the wall, “pedal to the metal”, but very proud of his desire to head towards the impact.

The car has now smashed itself against the wall, and the wreck is quite a sobering sight.

After so many years feeding a (numerous) family on Catholicism, this guy now talks like a boy of 15 all proud that he is flexing his budding intellectual muscles. As is the case for every atheist decrying the supposed cruelty of God, his rebellion highlights the very issue that is at the root of why Christianity exists. “It is wrong of God to punish people for their rebellion to God” is, in fact, quite the unwittingly comical statement, albeit the involuntary joke escapes the intellect of the oh so intelligent rebels.

Let us give this little adolescent (who starts his tweet with a harsh criticism of Saint Alphonsus; I’d say 15 is too much; let us make it 13…) some fast refresher of the basics as far as my limited time and impromptu reflections allow.

The Bible is the Word of God. The Genesis is Divinely inspired. We do not read the Bible and then decide whether it’s right or wrong. Truth is received, not questioned. We may certainly have questions about the workings of Divine Truth. But these questions must come from the desire to better understand these truths, to make them more solidly, more beautifully ours; to make them, I might add seeing the former profession of Mr Skojec, better accessible to others to the extent that God’s grace and life’s circumstances allow us to do so.

They can, however, never come from the, frankly, childish point of view that we know better, and God needs to pass our test or we will move over to the atheist camp. If one cannot see the pride that is literally exploding from the latter attitude, it means that Satan has blinded him already; as, it is clear, Satan has now blinded Mr Skojec entirely, and has given him the unspeakable arrogance to try to send others on the way to hell with him.

Mr Skojec has two diseases. The first is an almighty arrogance, which is the work of the devil and very fashionable nowadays. The second is the bleeding heart attitude, which is also the work of the devil but even more fashionable as it is, plainly, the religion on whose altar him and most of the planet nowadays sacrifice, and I mean literally sacrifice their own eternal salvation.

I am, though, pretty sure that Mr Skojec did not always think in that way. In am pretty sure that, many years ago, there was another Mr Skojec; one who, actually, humbly received the Truth instead of thinking that the Truth must pass the tests of his own bleeding heart doubts. It must have been so, because this man decided to make exactly of these truths his own chosen profession, and I refuse to believe Mr Skojec was a fraud from the start.

Many years ago (and, in fact, likely at the age of 5 or 6, 7 at the latest) Mr Skojec knew and accepted a harsh reality of life: we are all born sinners and deeply, deeply flawed individuals. We are all, of our own, unworthy of Salvation. Of our own, we are nothing; actually, we are worse than nothing; we are deserving of hell for being – without God’s grace – the very seed of rebellion to God, the very God who decreed that the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons.

Is this harsh? Cruel? Wrong? Unjust?

Admittedly, it appears harsh. It is that kind of news that impresses itself on you as quite the piece of information since a little child. I actually remember the very moment and place when this information was, quite solemnly, imparted to me. I was, likely, 5 at the time. May the kind soul who – out of her good heart and love for Christ – gave me the, at the time, rather shocking information be happy with God forever.

However, it is not cruel, then even as children we immediately, instinctively grasp that here there is a Justice at work that transcends our little minds (no, as little children we do not say “transcends”; but we feel it anyway) . This we do because, in our innocence, we are naturally more ready to receive Truth; one of the many reasons why religious education must be started as soon as may be. Nor is the news, and the God-willed order it exposes, wrong, or unjust, because God is unable of doing wrong. If, therefore, something that God decrees or commands appears wrong to me, I need to ask myself what is wrong with me.

“If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself”. This is not me. It’s Saint Augustine. He was quite a smart guy. But every child of 5, and every illiterate peasant with a good heart, grasp this truth in a way Mr Skojec has clearly forgotten.

We believe so that we may understand. We do not understand so that we may believe (yes, it’s that guy again..).

Truth is received. Anything else is, as every boy of 5 knows, rebellion.

But does God, then, condemn vast swathes of the earth’s population to death without their fault? Well, if you are a Calvinist you might, as far as my knowledge of heretics goes, entertain such a silly notion. But we Catholics have a completely different outlook. We know that God does not send to hell anyone who has not deserved it. We also know that the vast majority of those born, say, Muslims, will go to hell, following their own concupiscence and as befits the followers of such a travesty of a religion. But is it their fault, that they were born in such a horrible environment? It is, dear Mr Skojec, God’s will. Still, you can rest assured that the very limited number of souls, even among those heathens, who have a sincere, good, God-loving heart and die in the invincible ignorance of the Truth will, by the Grace of the same God Who bestows all Graces, be saved. But yeah, the number of those who perish is plainly so damn high that God exposes many of His missionaries to the risk of death, so that more souls can be saved (once again, showing a basic working of Christianity: man’s collaboration with God’s grace in His providential plan).

That some are lost is the fault of those who get lost. That some are saved is the merit of the One Who saves them. This is very simple, and every concept of “harshness” rapidly descends into bleeding heart syndrome if we fail to understand that an offence to God is an offence of infinite magnitude (because God is infinite) and it is perfectly fitting that this infinite offence would, in accordance to God’s order, transmit down to an infinite series of generations. When your heart stops bleeding and singing “Imagine”, and you look at God’s infinite Majesty, you understand that it is quite logical that it be so.

Much more could be said of this, and much better than I did here. Books on Divine Justice and Predestination are readily available. Help to understand (not to doubt) has never been as easily accessible as in this day and age.

Still, the old rebellion keeps popping up; showing, at the same time, the rebellious nature of man, and the desire of this rebellious man to refuse the Graces offered to him and go his own way, which is Satan’s way.

I ask you that you say a Hail Mary for poor Mr Skojec, blinded by ignorance and arrogance and in clear danger of hell. And I ask you to have some understanding for the unavoidable flaws of this post; a post which should be published shortly after Mr Skojec’s tweet chain, lest some tepid soul gets lost but, sadly, without the time for a more elaborate research and a more comprehensive reflection.

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  1. Peter Presland

    I too have been watching the slow-motion Skojec ‘train-wreck’ for several years now. Your analysis – warts and all – is a solid resume of what I have witnessed. I will say a prayer for Steve and his family


    This is a sad end for this soul. At least it will be his end if he does not stop. However it was not hard to see this coming. Steve has been a very hard hearted, cruel, pretty much just vicious man for a while now. Being hard hearted is how Judas ended up where he did. Prayers for Steve.

  3. Oh yes.

  4. Andres Battistella

    Can you please explain what is exactly “the bleeding heat attitude”?

    • It’s “heart”.
      A Bleeding heart is a guy who claims he is suffering for people he doesn’t know, and feels so good with himself in the process.

  5. I will pray for him. I thought he did great work back in the summer of 2018, exposing the continued corruption with regard to sexual abuse. The major flaw in his writing was that it was very self-referential, which has always seemed arrogant to me. He went down the tubes when his popularity as a trad “thought leader” waned, in my opinion. May God bring him back.

  6. Aspiring to Heaven

    For several years I’ve been telling Skojec to break his (anti)social media addiction to Twitter. He refused. Twitter has been huge in his downfall.

  7. About 7 or 8 years ago there was a beautifully artistic and spiritually refreshing web site called (if I’m not mistaken) Ars Orendi. The basic focus was the Collect prayer of the day’s Mass, with sometimes other spiritual writings, printed over beautiful stained glass. Then one day, out of the blue (apparently), the author posted that he was suddenly tired of the Church because it kept him from having fun with his kids. He wrote that one explanation, then shut down the site.
    Sometimes people need to quit talking and just be quiet for a bit. Often, clarity can come with that little effort. I don’t remember that man’s name, but God does. I will pray for him and I will pray for Mr. Skojec.

    • Ars Orandi (The art of praying).
      Yes, I remember the guy, and I wrote about him.
      He couldn’t stand feeling “bad” at disagreeing with all the liberals around him, so he sold out and folded shop.
      So sad..

  8. Mundy, AMEN! In Testem Benevolentiae Pope Leo XIII in 1899 warned Cardinal Gibbons that “the assumed right to hold whatever opinions one pleases upon any subject and to set them forth in print to the world, have so wrapped minds in darkness that there is now a greater need of the Church’s teaching office than ever before, lest people become unmindful both of conscience and of duty.”
    Civilta Cattolica, the Roman Jesuit journal,1899, summarized: “Whoever accepts (Catholic priciples) in their fullness and strictness is a Catholic; whoever hesitates, staggers, adapts himself to the times, makes compromises, may call himself by what name he will, but before God and the Church he is a rebel and a traitor.

  9. See:
    pope heretic the first.
    Is the current pope Catholic?
    Apparently not.

  10. R. Hunter Bidet

    Skojec joined the Church of homogoglio: “I know better that God and Catholicism is mean because it sends people to hell.” He must have a similar narcissistic personality.

    • Fully agree. Plus, like the Evil Clown, he has now started to find mistakes in what the Church has always believed, like a little amateur Sunday Luther.

  11. It is true we didn’t ask to be created and why would a good God create a creature only to set him up to fail and burn in hell? I don’t believe in the “we ALL deserve hell”…I didn’t ask to be created and I certainly didn’t commit the original sin, thus I don’t “deserve” it/hell. Babies don’t “deserve” hell. I think there needs to be nuance here. Our ancestors before Christ who sought to live by the Natural Law in good faith went to the Limbo of the Fathers. Yes, technically hell since it’s outside of heaven, but a place of natural happiness. THAT is a reflection of a good and just God. It all comes down to what you said: people who end up in hell CHOOSE it by their own action or inaction. We serve a JUST God…the idea of fairness comes from Him. Just as it is just to believe that babies don’t “deserve” hell it’s also just to believe that God deserves what He asks for i.e. worship, obedience, love etc. Do I deserve hell if I in full knowledge and consent of what I am doing or not doing insult and offend God? Yes. Where that happens is between God and the person who commits the sin…which is why we Catholics don’t formally say anyone is in hell besides Judas. Can we predict based on outwards signs? Of course. But that is to warn the person and others of the eternal fires they play with:+) God bless~

    • You are sailing very, very close to the wind here. The original Sin is exactly the reason why innocent children go to Limbo in the first place. and are deprived of the Divine Vision. Is this unjust? If we start decided what of God if unjust, Steve Skojec can’t be far away.

    • While unbaptised infants can not see the Beautific Vision ,God unveiled ,God veiled Himself in human flesh ,I like to think ,they can see Jesus and His Mother ,God is Love and love always finds a way.

    • “You like to think” that things are not as they are.
      No, there is no beatific vision in Limbo.
      Stop kidding yourself.
      Embrace Christianity.
      God is not interested in finding a way that pleases you.
      It’s you who must understand that He has done everything right.

  12. TheFlyingTigers AVG

    Steve Skojec is waiting outside school to beat you up good, Mundabor. He doesn’t want to acknowledge that his little temper railway train has gone further off the tracks than Mark Shea.

  13. I get where you are thinking I am sailing a bit close to the wind. I’m not calling God unjust in ANY way. If anything God is infinitely generous and loving in that He Himself came down and suffered horribly to FIX that original sin as well sacrifice Himself for the other mortal ones we make. I don’t think a baby conceived after Christ (assume all without mortal sin went to the Limbo of the Fathers before that including children?) going to Limbo is unjust. Eternity of natural happiness is a gift, just as life itself is a gift. If anything God is abundantly loving, amazing and goes beyond the call by wanting and helping us attain something beautiful and fantastical as the Beatific Vision. I always assume in God’s goodness when it comes to motives. If a child were denied heaven due to the sins of it’s parents i.e. unbaptized and thus in Limbo, then I assume that Our Lord knew this from all eternity and allowed it for a very good reason. Maybe that child would have committed a mortal sin, been unrepentant and ended up in the 9th circle of hell? God in His loving goodness wanted the best for that child and thus allowed the free will of the parents reign to commit the injustice to the child. In the end I always apply the attributes of God: GOOD, JUST, LOVING, MERCIFUL, HOLY etc. and assume that if I don’t “get” something or I think something is “mean” then I am at fault, not Him :+) God bless~

    • Exactly.
      What is difficult to understand for our little intellects is perfectly just, because God wanted so. our job is to abandon ourselves to God’s will, not start questioning Him.
      The child in Limbo never ran the risk of going to hell. You and I do. If God thinks it’s a just deal, then it is.

      I have never thought about it, but I would say (unless someone shows me that the Church states something different, in which case I will be wrong no matter my preferences) that the Limbo of the Fathers included all those worthy of being there and who died before Christ, including children. I fail to see a reason why that should not be so, but again I could be wrong.

  14. Billy Chickens

    I could never understand why Skojec posted those pictures of himself smoking the cigar with smoke flowing out of his mouth. Perhaps he wanted people to think he was cool but only, to me at least, looked like one of the devil’s minions. When I made a comment he got very nasty. After that I dropped 1P5 like a hot potato.

  15. Joseph D'Hippolito

    I’m guessing that this is the first real crisis of faith Steve has had in his life. I’m guessing that, like most people who grow up in institutionalized Christianity (Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox), they never really examined or questioned the articles of faith they grew up believing. They never did the rigorous work of examining *why* they believed what they believed. Moreover, they never really got past those superficially communicated articles to the fundamental nature of Christ’s identity and mission, or the fundamental nature of God. Consequently, their faith might be technically correct, theologically speaking, but tremendously superficial.

    Frankly, that’s epidemic with the institutionalized church in the Western world, across the Christian spectrum. I believe it’s a major reason (among many) why Christianity in the West is in decline.

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