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Pornocracy, Vatican II, And The “Unprecedented Times”.

Pornocracy is the name given to a phase in the history of the Church, which went on for more than half of the X Century, in which women, or bad women (there is much confusion on the matter) wielded a great influence in the life of the Church, to the point of – be it as virtuous women, as some say was the case at times; or as concubines and lovers, as must have happened in other cases – being the unofficial Popemakers. This “government of prostitutes” went “officially” on for some five or six decades “only”. However, it is not difficult for anyone willing to look to persuade himself that, for another 100 years or so, the situation remained chaotic and utterly explosive.

Popes removed no one knows why, replaced no one knows exactly how; possibly killed, but perhaps not; said to have been simoniacal, heretical, or utterly corrupt, but we can’t know exactly. Priests (apparently) openly marrying, just like that, and a Pope possibly killed by priests for fighting against this. In a world, barely believable stuff. All happened, as a whole though there may be doubt about the details of single episodes, to our very own Holy Mother Church.

This has been widely publicised for the wrong reasons . The Synodus Horrenda – which I actually always found beautiful, and a great example of PR – or the same Pornocracy years have been used, at various times, by Protestant or Anticlerical elements to try to discredit the Church. In reality, though, these confused but difficult times have two very important messages for us. The first: the excrement has hit the ventilator, for around a century at a time, way before Vatican II. The second: the Church emerging from such troubles is a clear, living sign that She is, verily, Indefectible.

Of course, every crisis is different. You may say that never before V II heresy had been so officially welcomed inside the Church. But every big crisis in Church History was, in its own way, unprecedented. Marcellinus’ “trial”, Honorius’ betrayal, Liberius’ sellout were all “firsts”! The same can be said of both the Great and the Western schisms!

You are living in unprecedented times, but there are several precedents of unprecedented times, we are simply living a new variant of a very old virus!

Therefore, my dear reader, do not be discouraged when the Evil Clown makes an ass of himself again (without reading the headlines, I am pretty sure he did that today, too). This, too, shall pass.

The Church that went through periods of utter confusion, for many decades at a time, will get through this, too.

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