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The Woke Revolution Eats Its Own

I must always smirk when I read news like this one.

Let us leave aside, for the moment, the absurdity of the event. Let us focus, instead, on the absurdity of the atmosphere that made it possible.

This is an obviously very woke, very leftist, very minority teacher accepting to work in an extremely toxic, woke environment, with a dean who seems gone out of a parody movie (and possibly terrified of being a white male in such a terrifying woke environment).

Guy obviously thinks that being woke exempts him for following all written and unwritten, explicit and implied, possible and future rule of wokeness. Big mistake, as there is no way the guy can be normal for a couple of minutes and not be called out.

What follows is the usual woke humiliation ritual, which reminds me a lot of Stalinian trials. Woke guy apologises a first time to his lords and masters, the students; then a second time to the faculty; he also sends out to the students more information, hoping he does not get eaten alive by them; you see, he tells them he has worked with minority in the past. Alas, he makes things worse as the number of things you can’t do increases by the minute, and stating you have worked with minorities in the past is apparently one of them (no; I didn’t know it, either). Then the guy tried to apologise for the way he had worded his piece of apology.

As you have already understood by now, it was all in vain. Professor Woke was kicked out of his own seminary, reported to some Stalinian Office Of Thought Purity, and we don’t know what else follows from this. He has been teaching since 1995 so I assume he is tenured, which might give him some protection; but these days, you never know.

I will not be sorry if he loses the job. And his successor. And the successor of his successor. These woke professors are part of the problem, as is abundantly clear from the abject apologies they always send out before being shafted anyway. They should all get to pay the price of their wokeness. It applies to the deans, too.

What a rubbish life these people must be living. Constantly apologising, constantly terrified of using the wrong word or doing the wrong thing, constantly afraid of not being up to scratch with the latest way the woke dogs have chosen to be offended and, unavoidably, tear someone to pieces.

They have made their bed. Now, they should lie in it.

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