Do Not Cry, Good, Faithful Catholic Soul.

Pray for us, o holy Mother of God

Today, 13 October, is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun.

Days like this one are like a heavenly balm in an age like the one we are living. It is not that we would normally not believe in the miracle, and the Francis-induced state of worry causes us to believe in it. It is, rather, that we have always believed in it, and the recurring of the anniversary is like an old friend visiting us again, reassuring us of his friendship and affection for us, encouraging us to resist any feeling of despondency, and rejoice in a friendship that will, by God’s grace, never die, no matter the outer circumstances.

There is a reason why the Church gives us assurance about the legitimacy of believing in the one or other miracle. It is to make our faith nearer, warmer, more involving. It is as if the weary soul would receive a warm embrace, just when it feels like crying. God knows Francis and his band of evil people make us feel like crying at times.

Do not cry, good, faithful Catholic soul.

The Blessed Virgin is lovingly watching you. The same God who made you to be happy with Him forever will, if you ask Him fervently, give you all the graces you need to die on the right side of Truth.

On this day, try to pray your Rosary more fervently than usual, relax at home if you can; if you have the possibility, make yourself a good risotto, with a glass of a fine red wine. Cheer up, and do not give up to sadness.

Everything is under control.

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  1. We forget to spend quiet time with Our Lord and Our Lady, deep in prayer, opening our hearts to their love and care. The world bombards us with so much bad news that it becomes easy to fall into despair. I find myself praying and meditating more these days because nothing else seems to work. I can’t do anything about the latest scandal coming out of Rome.

    I’m raising a toast to you as I sit here in the Provence enjoying a glass of red wine (from the Mont Ventoux region), nibbling on goat cheese with herbs. Tomorrow I’m going to make a mushroom risotto. I bought mushrooms today in the local market.

  2. There is good news out there too. I think a lot of people all over the world are getting fed up with and rejecting the “Enlightenment” and the ideologies that it has spawned. The “Enlightenment” is culminating in the current worldwide social engineering project, against which there is a lot of pushback. The media tries to ignore this and make us feel like we’re all alone, but we’re not.

    Now that people are finally getting sick of the bankruptcy of modernity, they will start looking around for something to replace it. This is a huge opportunity for the Church. Our shepherds unfortunately mostly are too busy sitting on their faces to take advantage of it at the moment, but we in the laity can at least start the work in our own little spheres of influence until said shepherds decide to start talking out of the correct orifice and get with the program.

  3. Yesterday was a bit like you describe for some of us here in Florida. Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine received a Canonical Coronation from the Papal Delegate and the local bishop.
    The SSPX Prior and I received some consoling blessings from Her there that were like those you are, as always, aptly conveying.

  4. Private. Hello Mundy. I follow your blog almost every day. I like sometimes to forward your articles to friends. However this is difficult. I am not in facebook as I don’t like it. The em function does not work. The Pintersest is not convenient and rather stupid.
    What I would like is for you to provide a link to Telegram. This is a very good way to save and send articles.
    So I ask you to provide the possibility of linking to Telegram.
    Best regards
    Paul Hellyer

    • Hi Paul (and everybody else). Telegram would require a phone number and in Europe you cannot have anonymous numbers for security reasons. Therefore, I don’t think it’s ever happening. I forward articles I like simply via email, which people (believe it or not) still use!

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