The Smell Of Brimstone And What We Should Do About It

How horribly, horribly impolite!!

I have started noticing this some time ago, but I wanted to wait in order to see whether this is a real trend. Now, I think it is: Gloria TV’s cartoons are getting increasingly more assertive against the Evil Clown. I cannot get a .jpg picture, but one example is here.

This is, of course, extremely good.

Every Catholic who stumbles upon a Catholic site whose orthodox credentials are obvious (Gloria TV is a prime example), and sees Francis ravaged, will forever remember what real Catholics think of the guy. Long after he has forgotten what the article was about, or for which reason he googled, or happened to read, the article, he will remember that Catholics think that Francis is a clown.

I remember when I was was pretty much the only one (at least, that I knew of) calling the man evil, a clown, a joke, an ass, and the like. I am extremely pleased to see that I am now in an ever-increasing company.

The unprecedented challenge to Catholicism that Francis and his ilk represent need to be met with an unprecedented reaction from faithful Catholics. This has always be so in the history of the Church (from the scandal given by Marcellinus to the scandal given by Paul VI trying to shut down the SSPX seminary in Econe), and there is no reason it should not be so now.

New challenges must be met with new solutions, because what is most important – the integrity of the Church and Her faithfulness to Christ – must always come first.

This is why all those who keep looking at the present times with old spectacles risk damaging the Church instead of helping her, and I wonder how much they want to help the Church and how much they want to simply feel good with themselves, or avoid the painful, tiring job of, actually, thinking. First among those are the “sweet Peter on earth” crowd, who keep looking at a stinking pile of shit and telling themselves that it actually smells of roses.

No, Francis does not smell of roses. He smells of sheep, of course. But most of all he smells of brimstone, big time.

I welcome every Catholic site which understands this obvious rule of communication and tries not to be polite, but to save souls.

Give your garden variety, lapsed, distracted Catholic seeking info about the latest papal excrementation a spoon of the Mundabor medicine, and he will never forget the taste. Give him the usual rose water, and he will happily keep trotting on his way to a very long purgatory or, very possibly, hell.

When I die, I will not be asked what I did to promote civil conversation. I will be asked what I did for Christ.

Let those who are rotten inside be polite outside.

We believe in One who whipped other guys.

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  1. We just don’t like to think ill of our pastors. But it’s modernism, not Catholicism, that demands that we disregard the evidence of the senses God gave us precisely to gather evidence.

    One of the most eye-opening books I have ever read is Volume 1 of Michael Davies’ Apologia pro Marcel Lefebvre. It documents the “Conciliar Church” (as it calls itself) as a church of fraud and double-dealing. The current Pope’s pulling of the rug out from under the Ecclesia Dei communities makes the fraud and double-dealing even more blatant. How many thousands of apologies we owe to Archbishop Lefebvre, who was so dead-on right.

  2. Mr. Mundabor, you are neither impolite, nor uncivil. You are truthful and direct, and you back up your assertions. The demand for “niceness”, and constant accusations of “divisiveness” are effeminate tactics to intimidate and silence people. It is a classic passive aggressive tactic to attack, snipe, and be nasty, and when confronted or proven wrong, to whine, cry, and complain the defender is not “nice”. Besides, the crimes of the usurper Clown against the Faith are deserving of the strongest condemnation from all true Catholics.

  3. Can we extrapolate this great observation of yours to the entire culture? The concept of positivity has so infected our society that to say anything remotely negative about anything makes one a pariah. Consequently we’re a bunch of nervous nellies and liars, walking around pretending everything is fine. You are correct, Mundabor, you were among the first, and it was a relief to come here and find someone willing to think and say something real and true. I wouldn’t do it to anyone over 80, they’ve got enough to deal with and may need more consolation, but everybody else is fair game. Bergoglio is a horror show, he hates the church, hates Catholicism, hates faithful Catholics, hates the old rite, hates Americ, and probably is an atheist. He should be a target of jokes and insults.

    • I’m over eighty and love to hear the truth. Being old is great.

    • Thank you!
      Hope to get to your age and to get to say the same!

    • Good comments Kate. However, I would not try to protect any Catholic alive from the truth about Bergoglio. Besides not wanting to infantilize the elderly, we must consider them accountable for the quality of Catholicism they have cultivated. Benedict became pope in 2005. His many laudable acts and crystalline teaching were in the public domain. I was even able to purchase his books at Costco! People who are 80 now were 65 then and many were computer savvy. They could have known and embraced the solid Catholic theology Benedict promulgated as pope. Even readers who simply sought out good, solid Catholic history and devotional books know Bergoglio is a fiend. If however, they had only a diet of mainstream media dreck that bashed Benedict and the Church and they agreed, they are woe-begotten. If a Catholic alive really thinks Bergoglio is a good and holy man, they’ve squandered their inheritance. Sorry, no kid gloves for them.

  4. Cursed be he who withholds his sword from blood.

  5. I’m surprised that the opprobrium heaped by Our Lord upon the religious leaders of His day haven’t been purged from the Sacred Texts. Yet.

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