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How YouTube Works And Why It Has To Be Broken Up.

She has just discovered Sensus Fidelium

I think I know how YouTube works. Let me explain.

I think that some frustrated, 23 years old, 350 pounds, tattooed lesbian land whale (or, alternatively, some extremely thin, soy milk-intoxicated 23 years old, tattooed fag boy drowning in oestrogen; or, perhaps, some 23 years old, 350 pound, hysterical, tattooed hippo boy believing he is a land whale) discovers a Catholic channel with thousands of sermons on it.

The freaky individual decides that, this being Catholic stuff, it must be “racist”. Therefore, said freaky individual whose sex was, to his great dismay, decided at birth proceeds to slate said channel for cancellation from YouTube for repeated violation of their terms of service, because we live in very gentle times and that’s how we call censorship and persecution.

This goes to the supervisor, who either belongs to one of the above mentioned categories or is terrified by them, and has no desire whatever to be the target of the next YouTube Witch Trial, in which he/she/it is made to abjectly apologise before he/she/it is fired anyway.

Therefore, the YouTube Channel (which is called sensus fidelium, in a further piece of evidence of h-h-homophobia) is deleted from YouTube for the violation of YouTube rules called wrongthink.

An email is sent to the channel owners, because in these gentle times you politely inform Catholics that you are persecuting them. We are merely following procedure, Sir. It’s not our fault, it’s you who are Catholic. We can’t have that. It’s wrongthink, you know.

At this point, something strange happens: the matter goes up the food chain, and lands by someone who – whatever his personal convictions – actually thinks, or did not have his entire existence devastated by hormone injections. Result: the site is reinstated, Latin name and all.

You would think that all is well that ends well. Not so fast.

First question: have all those who have decided and approved of the deletion been fired? If not, why not?

Second question: how long before the madness rises higher among the YouTube ranks?

The issue here is not that the site was reinstated. The big scandal is that it was deleted in the first place. YouTube must be broken up, because as it is it is a massive threat to Democracy.

Imagine if this had happened to one of those lgbtfu sites? They would have heard it on Mars?

But of course I am dreaming.

Such a thing could never happen at YouTube.

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