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The “Latex” Investigates. You Will Not Believe What They Found Out.

A new “Latex” video from Michael Virus, who informs us first of the great progress made by Church Malevolent and its budding racing horse stable. Mr Virus also informs us of his plan for the jockey uniform and entertain us with his wisdom in matter of, erm, hair. You will also hear about Ms Schicklgruber, and her strange Austrian encounter. Highly informative stuff.

Mr Virus also informs us about the investigation of Ms von Miles on the evil (as we all know) SSPX, who is now in a position to bring to light **three** stunning facts concerning her investigation. These three, world-changing events (the “three secrets of Detroit”) are so earth-shattering that I really, really ask you to watch the video.

Moreover, there is an interesting discussion about cold, middle age saints and Lollards. I might disagree with Mr Virus on this, but let us not get trapped in little details.

Lastly, and as you are authorised to expect from the “Latex”, you will hear the latest news about the SSPX, against which the “Latex” so manfully fights (see above). Church Malevolent shows once again the rigorous investigation methods of that organisation.

I recommend that you listen to the video attentively, because it is packed with interesting facts that will not fail to entertain and delight you.

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