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Of Doors And Windows

No cisgender children for her, thanks…

The US are slowly becoming like Europe, with half the States now having more deaths than births. Welcome to Grannyland.

Of course, there can be many reasons why one does not have offspring, and an important one has always been not marrying. Another one was, in fact, being unable to have children.

However, it seems to me that more elements come to this. The desire to have a Mercedes instead of a child has been very present in Europe in the last decades. Holidays, clothes, or the desire to keep living like a young university student, perhaps with the promiscuity this entails, has certainly also played a part.

However, it seems to me that in the last years we have had a different element; perhaps an excuse for many, but also a real fear for others. I am talking here of the fear of living in general, and the particular fears of snowflakes in particular.

Make a child? And put in the world another white male? With the toxic masculinity he will develop? Heavens, will he rape someone? I might be lucky and they might decide that they are a female, but will this not give them disadvantages in life, if the hated patriarchy refuses to die?

Make a child? And put in the world another girl who will be victimised by the patriarchy? Perhaps raped? Perhaps forced to have a child?

Make a child? Why, if the climate apocalypse is upon us? Look, how much co2 will I be able to brag I did not cause if I avoid having children? I better get sterilised now! I might even be able to say, in my circle of soi-disant enlightened snowflakes, that I prevented my children from living a miserable life! Look, look how good I am!

You might say that this is all, basically, excuses to avoid the sacrifices and the self-denial that come with having children. In many cases, it will certainly be so. But I can’t avoid thinking that decades of propaganda barrage about our doomed future will leave a mark on a great number of people, who will grow up the most scared generation in American history. If you add this to the other scars – the trauma of divorced parents, for example; or the general disorientation of an upbringing in which faith plays no role; or just realising that your mama had thirty men inside her before, and perhaps a couple after, knowing papa – it is not difficult to understand how modern America is growing an army of emotionally crippled babies of 20, 25 or 30 years of age, who think that the world is about to go back to the Stone Age and life is, anyway, not worth living because they were insulted on Twitter.

How does one remedy this? One brings God in a family’s life. With that comes the realisation that the climate scare is a Marxist trick for slow-thinking atheists, the raising of well-adjusted children with the right outlook on life, a proper morality, and a generally sound mind naturally inclined to the making and the raising of children inside a family.

When God is sent out the door, misery gets in from the window.

You would think those oh so highly educated, highly specialised, very skilled professionals would have understood it by now.

Truth Social Is Coming, And It Needs You

Some of you will be already aware that Donald Trump is about to have a new social media company, which I think will be called Truth Social, go public.

This will happen through the nowadays not uncommon mechanism of the SPAC, a vehicle getting quoted on the stock exchange without any operation of his own and then merged with the company that actually has operations, allowing a faster and cheaper process albeit at higher risk particularly for the SPAC investors.

The SPAC chosen by Trump for his stock exchange quotation is called Digital World Acquisition Corporation, DWAC on Nasdaq. You can already buy DWAC today and, in fact, since the announcement the market gyrations have been from vast to absolutely savage as market, political, and freedom considerations are mixing in the battlefield of the Stock Exchange.

No one knows the future, but I think it not unlikely that, in the next weeks or months, this will become another, more complex GameStop. It seems fairly guaranteed that the new company will have a market cap of several billions (it already has as an empty SPAC), possibly dozen of billions, possibly even much more than that if all goes well from a technical point of view (you don’t want to cease operations because Amazon denies you its servers, do you?). This operation can count, from the start, with millions, possibly dozen of millions of active users. If the market capitalisation soars, a company like this can not only become serious competition for Facebook (from what I understood it will be more Facebook than Twitter) , but it can, say, buy a tv channel like Fox with lunch money, or create one as it pleases. It can, also, count with savage shorting and calls for its ban as a terrorist organisation, as it is well known that, for Twitter, the Taliban should have an account, but Trump shouldn’t. It will be, I think, a pretty wild ride.

However, these 20,30, 50, 70 million dedicated users from the us and abroad can make of this enterprise a battleship in every sector in which it chooses to enter. It can offer a tweet service like Twitter, a video service like YouTube, an image service like Instagram, a chat service like WhatsApp and count on a big user base from day one. This is literally worth billions and, in fact, it is not difficult to forecast that, if properly executed, this Freedom Project will make Trump a big multiple of the billions he already has, and kudos to him!

Why do I tell you this? Because you can help.

Imagine a world in which vaccine censorship is not omnipresent, and sexual perversion can be frankly discussed without fear of termination. A big leap compared to the digital world in which we live today.

Whether it is by buying and holding some shares of the Company, also giving you the pleasure of being partner with Trump in his freedom project, or starting to inform the people you know about the new platform, or getting ready to open your own account, you can help freedom advance not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Imagine a world where one app on your phone (Android is open source, and you will be able to download it even if not on Google store; for the owners of iFags: though luck, biatches!) allows you to discuss vaccines, sexual perversion, or abortion without censorship, and where Sensus Fidelium can put his video without fearing that some lesbian land whale cancels them! The Internet as it was meant to be, and as it is now, largely, only on your desktop computer.

Consider buying and holding some DWAC shares if you have the brokerage account, the money, and the inclination. Do not devote to it more money than you would to a donation to the Trump campaign or a long term investment fraught with risks. But please help this project in any way you can.

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