Francis In One Line

Social Justice Apostle I

And it came to pass that the Evil Clown published a document of more than 3000 words – obviously, about his own religion – that does not contain any reference to the religion of Catholics.

You may wonder why this is so. I think I have the answer.

The man does not believe in God and he very likely never did. He chose the Church because it gave him an easy way to belong to a – then – respected class, and scrounge an entire existence without heavy work. He also bragged (search this blog) about lying to his own mother about his being in the Seminary rather than studying Medicine. Not only this tells us a lot about the nature of the man, but it also gives us some indication about the likely anticlerical environment in which he was raised; then a good Catholic family would certainly not complain, particularly in those years’ Argentina, about young Jorge wanting to become a Friar (even if, well, a Jesuit).

A duplicitous, lying, evil little scrounger, our guy would clearly not have the humility to profit from whatever religious education he would get in the Seminary. This explains, I think, his monstrous – but culpable – ignorance about everything that is to do with Christ, the Sacraments, the Commandments, the Blessed Virgin, or anything that even remotely touches Catholicism. He does not know because he never cared for knowing, much as I have no interest whatsoever in learning the “theology” of Freemasons, or Jehovah’s Witnesses, if they even have any. It is also quite likely that the rose water, fake Catholic, non- instruction he “got” in the Seminary appealed to him more than the hard, long hours of study as a future medical doctor.

Possibly a homosexual, he would also not be interested in married life, either, and he would know that in the Argentinian society of the Sixties those afflicted with a desire for fudge packing would be considered rubbish people even if they were doctors, or teachers, or whatever else. Plus, the Jesuit “environment” might, already at the time of his decision, already have started to become the “right place” for people, or pigs, so inclined. If this is so, and it may well be so, it explains even more the sudden “vocation” of Jorge Bergoglio, the church-hating, lazy, scrounging lewd boy.

Why is all that I have just written very realistic? Because it perfectly matches Bergoglio’s activity both as Archbishop and as (utterly unworthy) Pope. From their fruit you will recognise them. From their turds you will recognise them even faster.

This is, in a few short statements, my assessment of the situation. It seems to me that the facts on the ground give it credence every single day.

Atheist, church-hating, bitter, lazy, scrounger and, very possibly, homo.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Evil Clown in one line.

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  1. “Strong letter to follow”.

  2. We have spent too much time and energy focused on frankie-the-secularist as pope.
    He is a pope for this material world, having lost sight of the spiritual which is his proper concern.
    We have been brought to staring down at the playing field, at our feet, caught up in the turf rather than focused on the goal.
    While not evil in themselves material concerns, poverty, weather, tsunamis and earthquakes, etc, become such when we lose sight of God- missing the forest for the trees.
    This is frankie-the-flawed’s flaw.
    He has forgotten that his duty is to bring souls to Christ, not to a luncheon.

  3. But Noahvaile, that is not a duty he ever ascribed to or signed on for. He cannot bring souls to something or Someone he knows not and has no use for.

    • You aren’t suggesting that the bringing of souls to Christ is not the primary duty of the Pope?
      Now frankie-the-flawed clearly doesn’t ascribe to that duty but when he accepted the commission he tacitly took it on.
      Doncha think?

      Or are you suggesting that he may have taken on this role under false pretenses?
      Apparently not believing in the primacy of Christ and all….
      Do you think he believe in souls?

    • She is suggesting that Francis scrounged an entire existence, and clearly did not stop when he was asked if he wanted to become Pope…

  4. Dear M, you make a good point about the Amazin’ Man’s reluctance to tell his parents of his intention to enter a seminary probably indicating their anti-clericalism. It would explain quite a lot about his modus operandi. The question remains: why would anyone who does not believe in the supernatural even be bothered to pretend being a Christian of any persuasion, let alone a Catholic? Thanks for a valuable insight.

    • Because in Argentina, life is tough, and without acquaintances and political protection you run the risk of ending an obscure, badly paid, underemployed, exploited, resentful chemist. A Jesuit has at least the same standard of living, is respected, has more career possibilities, and might even find a male lover among his confreres.

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