Brezhnev Among Us

Pope, President, or both?

We have been informed today that, on occasion of Dementia Joe’s visit to the Evil Clown, there will be no tv coverage of the two, amiably sitting for the cameras in front of a friendly fireplace in a barrage of winning smiles and flash lights etc. (You know the drill).

One cannot but wonder why. I make the following hypotheses:

First: Dementia Joe is so demented by now that he cannot be left for many minutes alone with photographers and cameras, live, lest he should start asking mother whether he can have an ice cream. Biden’s appearances are now heavily controlled, and you can’t see him “in the wild” for fifteen minutes or so. Who knows what the world could get to see if the man’s medicines fail in front of the cameras. Reality is something the Dem machine cannot afford.

Second: Francis is ill. He might be frail at times, or show occasional symptoms that a medical doctor could connect to this or that disease, like cancer.

It would be, if you remember those years, the Brezhnev-isation of Francis, or Biden, or both.

I have read other hypotheses (Francis not liking Dementia because of abortion) but this does not seem credible because we all know that Francis does not “obsess” about abortion.

No, to me it’s health in either of the cases, and perhaps in both.

Time will tell but, certainly, the coincidences keep adding….

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  1. jojothemonkeyboy tends to go feral very quickly even in a highly controlled environment. Telling frankie-the-snake about his amtrak miles or history driving 18-wheelers across the country would be inappropriate and best avoided shown live on the world’s television screens.

  2. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Who said the Soviet Union no longer exists?

  3. My money is on Joe. He’s getting more confused, and they are afraid it will be that obvious. It already is obvious. Has anyone seen any competent person stand with his hands in the position he did while hitting softballs from Anderson Cooper. “Yes, and yes”, a nice, soft, answer he could easily repeat. He knew the questions that were coming, of course. Anderson was so disconcerted by Joe he was dysfluent.
    But good God Almighty, president Harris. As bad as he is, he may be more competent than her.

    • While all of the current policies are pretty much “harris-friendly” she would balk at the opinion polls she would have to put up with. She acts like she wants to appear to be liked.
      jojothemonkeyboy is oblivious to polls.
      Besides, jojo isn’t and camela wouldn’t be in charge so leaving jojo in place is currently the best bet.
      Now jojo might “unexpectedly” die but that would only be if he crossed mrsklinton.

  4. My bet is all of the above plus the Euro crowds, too, will be chanting…”F*ck Joe Biden” bop bop bopbopbop!

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