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Francis Remote Slapped In The Face. Catholic World Approves.

Keep scratching, you fool…

Let us forget, for a moment, the immense stupidity of Italians having to go around with a piece of cloth on their mouth, perhaps even thinking that this will stop the flu. Yeah, right.

Let us focus, instead, on the massive participation to the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage. This is not only a demonstration of love for the Mass of the Ages. It is also, whether the guy likes it or not, a slap in the face of the Evil Clown.

This guy thinks he can remake everything in his image, from the Our Father to the Sacraments, and from Capital Punishment to the Mass. Being unquestionably dumb and obviously godless, he just does not understand God’s ways. If he did, he would realise that every persecution may have a degree of success, for a while, but will in the end always result in Christ’s victory.

Some of us fret, cry and get depressed about the antics of this man. But in the end, what we see is a buffoon going against Christ, and being made even more ridicule in the process.

Whenever I think of Francis, I always have in mind this image of a guy, armed with a fork, and standing in front of an immense block of granite. The guy scratches and scratches, and this makes headlines because a man in his position is, in fact, not supposed to be scratching in the first place. But in the end, all that he manages to do is to direct the attention of those who care towards the majesty and beauty of the block of granite he so foolishly wants to “change” and “soften”, because it’s too “rigid” and doesn’t accept “change”.

As to the block of granite, it barely notices the idiot down there trying to do some damage. The idiot will be noticed only when the block of granite squashes him, and leaves his atomised rests to suffer who knows what kind of atrocious pains forever in hell.

The Church, and Her Bridegroom, will go on for as long as there is a planet.

This buffoon will be crushed, and then either despised or forgotten forever, soon enough.

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