It Takes A Nation

I begin to suspect that some people think that the US Supreme Court might really uphold the Texas Heartbeat Bill and put a huge dent in the Holocaust Industry in the United States.

I don’t think this is going to happen.

What I have seen of the SCOTUS all through history is that they were never immune from political influence. After the Secession War, they approved restrictions of the Second Amendment because they were afraid, and wanted to punish, Confederate veterans. They allowed abortions because they had no balls and no will to oppose the mounting tide of babykillers. They decided, very recently, that the Founding Fathers actually wanted a Country where perversion is protected, they merely never knew it. Also recently, Roberts decided Obamacare is actually a tax in order to not have to strike it down. It’s just the way it goes, and the more controversial the issue, the more the political pressure is felt. T

he most striking example of this is merely months old: the Supreme Court refusing to intervene in the most blatant vote manipulation ever seen in a functioning (up to then) democracy.

The same Justices who were not able to defend the Country from 100 ballot fraudsters will not have the guts to defend unborn babies from 900000 murderous women a year, all the industry around them, and all the ideology that goes with them.

The way forward is, in my opinion, not pretending that this influence does not exist, but making it work for us.

The anti-abortion sentiment in the US must grow to the point where the Supreme Court feels that they have to put an end to it, lest they lose invitations to nice parties and enlightened circles. They have clearly shown (particularly Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett besides the usual leftist suspects) that they have no fortitude for courageous decisions. Therefore, their cowardice will have to arrive where their integrity could not.

I am not saying this to depress anyone, and I truly hope I will be proven wrong here; but I am just trying to be realistic, and to describe to you the cards on the table as I see them.

I am afraid that, to paraphrase the horrible saying, it will “take a nation”.

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  1. What really needs to happen — short of the even more stupendous miracle of a Catholic monarchy in these United States — is a severe curtailing of the Supreme Court’s reach. Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to limit the high court’s appellate jurisdiction, which the court has abused relentlessly for decades in order to impose on every aspect of our lives.

    Unfortunately, the legislative branch of the government has not proven to be as jealous to guard its powers and prerogatives against usurpation as the Founders assured themselves it would be. So, for the foreseeable future, we will continue to sit on the edge of our seats, biting our nails every time the Supreme Court is in session, wondering what new 16-ton weights they are going to drop on us from on high.

  2. Well, last night the US voter found a way to deliver a message outside the (current technological) limits of voter fraud. So there’s that.

  3. Joseph D'Hippolito

    It might take a nation but to do what, exactly? Fight, obviously. But how?

  4. It’s interesting! So many people are elated about the GOP win in Virginia, but why, when the new incumbent is supporting the rights of woman to murder their babies? It’s pure evil!

  5. Oh dear, I made an error of judgement, regarding the New Governor of Virginia. He was not advocating abortion. The Democrat candidate was in fact the guilty party. Please remove my posts.

  6. Your argument makes perfect sense. To me, then, it means that I need to learn to un-emotionally attack the abortion industry at a higher level, without being discouraged by minor or major losses. It will be the persistent hammering at it that will bring that ‘industry’ down.
    I must tell you that I have never thought of it in this way before but it offers clarity and makes being in opposition much easier. I (we) need to quit taking the losses personally (emotionally) and keep hammering them with persistence. Just like that group with the great ‘behind the scenes’ videos (Lila Rose & team?). I think that’s where I will put my donations for the pro-life cause. Thanks for this post.

  7. Even if the “conservative” justices could be counted on, and only Thomas and Alito (maybe) fit that category it woukd be 4-4 and tiddly-wink Roberts would surely be the fifth vote for keeping mass murder legal. If he had a principle it would be extremely lonely.

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