The Devil’s Bishops

I have tried not to write about this, because it truly makes me sick. However, this is getting worse.

This is nothing less than satanical behaviour. Twice.

The first satanical behaviour is a priest standing near a guy who has chosen to commit suicide and blather about God’s mercy; God’s mercy *will not be forthcoming*, the decision to murder oneself having been, obviously, well-thought and deliberate.

The second satanical behaviour is the demand that a priest who – believing in God – refuses to have any part in this monstrosity should be obliged to participate in it anyway by finding a godless priest who actually wants to “accompany” the suicide and himself to hell.

Now, I don’t think I have many V II milquetoast soy readers on this blog; but if I had they would, I am sure, try to find some “merciful” escapes that avoid conflict and keep everybody happy, which is what the “perhaps Francis is badly advised”-crowd always does. Their Catholicism is full of what ifs and excuses their heads are only too ready to fabricate.

“Should not the priest accompany the suicide at every step and, with his presence, try to dissuade him not to kill himself?”

No. Does the priest accompany the hit man on his way to his target and, with his presence, try to dissuade him from carrying out his murder? On the contrary, it is the absence of the priest, his refusal to be there with the suicide, that will speak louder.

“What if the suicide repents at the last moment, when it’s too late to reverse the process?”

Do you think God is so easily fooled? Do you think that the guy who throws himself out of a bridge planning in advance to repent whilst he is mid-air has many chances to get mercy? And even if that is so (and I doubt it is so; but humour me for a moment… ), would not the refusal of the priest to have any part in the suicide’s journey to hell actually be what prompt a sincere repentance in the first place? Lastly, if, for any reason, God decides to save that soul because it really, in those seconds after the point of no return, his conscience manages a sincere repentance, then it is not necessary for the priest to have given scandal by standing near him. Not should this guy get a requiem mass, or burial in consecrated ground, etc.

“But perhaps the poor man has been bullied into choosing euthanasia, like the Nazis did in the Thirties?”

If the priest suspects that this is the case, the priest must not go to the bed of the suicide, but to the police. In any other case, it is not for the priest to become Father Poirot and start an undercover investigation into the dark world of the godless, whilst giving scandal for all the world to see. Besides, a Christian does not consent to offing himself, ever.

The last reflection is for the bishops who have authorised such abomination. My thoughts go to their late mothers and, as I think of what their profession might have been, only one spontaneously comes to mind.

I might not be right literally. I am pretty sure I am right figuratively.

There is no amount of “accompanying” that can ever, ever justify *this*. These people are of the devil.

They have chosen their reward.

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  1. My daughter once threatened to kill herself by drinking bleach if she didn’t get her way. I very patiently, calmly told her what would happen next:

    When you die, you will be judged and condemned for murder. For ingratitude and not honoring your parents. You will go immediately to hell. For eternity.

    We will not have a funeral. Your friends will not know you have died until they ask about you.

    Your pictures will be put in a box in the attic. Are you sure not getting your way and killing yourself for such a terrible reason is worth it?

    She agreed, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Then I grounded her for a month.

    I find that my pity glands have become dried up, desiccated husks of squandered empathy. I have to spare in my sympathies.

    So much evil is being called good. Jewel

  2. Another scandal committed by the church-prostrate.
    The bishops’ order is aiding and abetting mortal sin.
    Why not recommend a good lutheran or ‘church-of-england’/anglican minister to do the deed?

  3. Me, myself and I am not surprised at all by any da*n thing coming from the francis church.
    The apostates exists.
    Those wearing a catholic clothes are still that, the apostates.
    They do not represents us, they much less lead us Catholics.
    They are false sheperds, the wolves in shepherd clothes.

  4. Cato the younger a suicide guards the gates of purgatory in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

    You cannot conceive, nor can I, of the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God.’

  5. We live in a world filled with people who seriously do not believe that suicide is wrong. For instance, when Robin Williams committed suicide, look at all the people who gushed about how now he was “free” and “in a better place.” Absolutely sick.

    Years ago, I had a client tell me she had plans at some future point to kill herself. (It was not a situation where she had the gun to her head at that moment, but one where she brought it up as basically something that was on her to-do list.). I said: you mean you’re going to murder yourself and send yourself to hell. I then described the sufferings of hell, how they compare to the sufferings of this life, and the fact that there is no escape or reprieve from hell for all eternity. From the look on her face, that must have been the first time in her life that anybody had ever told her about hell or that suicide is a form of murder that would send her there forever.

    Somebody explain to me again how wrong Archbishop Lefebvre was.

  6. Is there an end to the depths of hell? Funny, but I never thought of that question until I read this article. We know the drip, drip, drip of depravity that has been filling up the swimming pools of our lives these past 50 years but I always thought that the abominations we are swimming through are of the been there, done that kind of thing that repeats itself throughout history as civilizations deteriorate. But a priest accompanying a soul to hell is a new one. Maybe it’s equivalent to saying a Black Mass for an individual. Something to ponder . . .

  7. I wish you would not blame the bishops’ mothers, even figuratively. They would have been born around the ‘thirties, and were probably devout Catholic women such as we seldom see today. The fault lies totally with the Bishops, who have apparently never grown a pair, or have had them surgically removed. I remember when the sanctity of life, all human life, without exception, meant something more than a quick gabbled prayer on Sunday.
    Here in North America, I am glad to say that many Evangelical Protestants still take the sanctity of life literally. Catholics, not so much. The fault is in our leadership, weak men, from the top down, blowing in the cultural winds.

    • I wish we were all not so bloody effeminate.
      It’s a way of saying.
      Saying that one is a “bastard” is exactly the same.
      If one wants to take offence, one could say that your use of expressions like “grown a pair” or “surgically removed” is also disrespectful, and he wishes you would not use it, etc.
      Summa summarum: grow a pair.

  8. People are in despair today and suicide rates are up. Even the very young find life in our dystopia too miserable to tolerate. Many children are in such rough circumstances, even the children who live in nice communities are suffering, their parents are often so lost, chasing the world and it’s lies, wanting to be adolescents themselves again. The reason for all this madness and other madness is always the church, which is not only morally confused, it is morally dead, and being morally dead, seems to want to take as many other morally dead with it into the grave as it can. People are totally clueless about right and wrong, good and evil. Older folks have a good idea, middle folks have some idea, young people typically have some idea to no idea. Many people are outright evil. And have no idea. Suicide is a touchy topic, priests won’t usually touch it, it’s a third-rail. Telling the truth is a third rail, and few are willing to touch it, exactly because of the people you mentioned, Mundabor. Unhappy parishioner means unhappy bishop, so it can’t happen. We must suppress truth.
    Sometimes young people threaten suicide and mean it, and they are too young to realize you get a few days of glory, then you’re pretty much forgotten. There are warning signs to suicide that parents and everybody should know. Insist on your young person talking to a Christian counselor if you see warning signs and definitely if suicide is threatened. Young people are too limited to know forever means forever and they don’t have the reasoning skills to help them problem solve. Don’t let them bully you, surely, don’t let them extort what they want, ever, but do take warning signs seriously, and insist they talk to a professional, preferably a Christian professional. Then monitor them.

  9. Funny. I was going to comment on how sad the statement was, about the bishops’ mothers: a real possibility of neglect on their parts, of required teaching, piety, faith. As a mother, I would be devastated if my sons were to behave as those horrible bishops have done. The statement really made an impact, even if I took it too literally.

  10. It could be argued that it is the common good for these heretical bishops to euthanise themselves and be replaced by good and holy shepherds. Probably not, though! How many apostate bishops can sit on the sharp end of a pin?

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